Applying for College and University Transfer Credits

Before you apply  

There are a few things that you need to do before you can apply for transfer credits:

  1. Check your program’s minimum grade and shelf-life requirements for transfer credits. Go to your program webpage, select 'Courses and Advanced Credit' and choose 'Transfer Credit' to see the minimum grade and timeline that you must have completed the course to be eligible for transfer credits.
  2. Once you have been accepted into a NAIT credit program,  pay the non-refundable tuition deposit before submitting a request for transfer credits.
  3. Determine the NAIT courses that match your previous courses. The curriculum of the original course must be a minimum of an 80% match to NAIT course outcomes.
    • You can check Transfer Alberta to see which courses at NAIT are equivalent to your previous courses.
    • If you cannot find a match on Transfer Alberta, please review the course outlines of the courses you’re required to take in your program at NAIT to determine the best possible fit. To do this, visit your program page, select Courses and click on individual course to view the course outline.
  4. Gather the course outlines/syllabi. Please contact the institution or program where you completed the courses to request a detailed course outline or syllabus of the year that you completed the course. The course outlines/syllabi should include information such as the course learning outcomes, assessment methods, grading rubrics, etc. This information is essential for us to evaluate the transfer credits.
  5. Submit your official transcript to NAIT, if applicable. If you hadn’t already submitted an official transcript for the courses that you’re requesting transfer credit, please do so. For information on how to submit an official transcript, please refer to the Submitting Documents page.

How to apply for Transfer Credit

Please follow the steps below to avoid any delay in the assessment review or posting of transfer credits:

  1. Fill out the Transfer Credit Request form.
  2. Submit the completed Transfer Credit Request form, along with all the course outlines/syllabi for the courses that you completed to
  3. You can enrol in your classes to secure your spot while you are awaiting a decision. Please note that tuition will not be refunded if you withdraw from your courses after 12% of the courses have passed.
  4. Monitor your MyNAIT portal and pay the transfer credit assessment fee (if applicable) by the posted deadline.
  5. Check your email for updates and any required follow-up actions.

Transfer Credit Assessment Fees

There is a $100 fee* to assess requests for transfer credit from another recognized post-secondary institution. This fee will be posted to your student account once your application has been reviewed and verified.

  • Transfer Credit from a NAIT program to another NAIT program: 
    No Fee
  • Transfer Credit from any other recognized post-secondary institution:
    $100 Fee*

Credit card transaction fees

A 2.25% non-refundable convenience fee will be added to all credit card payments.  For additional methods of payment, please visit Tuition & Fees.

Transfer Credit Process and Timeline

Who What How Long
Student Review NAIT course outlines on the program page to determine possible transfer credits. Depending on the student
Student Request an official copy of the transcript to be sent to NAIT (if not already submitted as part of the application). Depending on the student and sending institution
Student Submit complete application package to
  • Completed transfer credit request form
  • Course syllabi/outlines for all courses completed
Depending on the student
NAIT – Registrar’s Office
  • Review application, course syllabi/outlines, official transcripts
  • Validate minimum grade, shelf-life, international institution accreditation (if applicable)
  • Post Transfer Credit fee to student account (if applicable)
2 weeks
Student Pay Transfer Credit fee within 7 calendar days (if applicable) 7 days
NAIT – program area Evaluate course syllabi/outlines to determine equivalency Up to 4 weeks
NAIT – Registrar’s Office
  • Post any approved transfer credits to student record
  • Communicate the final decisions to the student
  • Add transfer decision to centralized database
1 week
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