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Corporate Structure

Supporting our vision for success

NAIT meets the current and emerging needs for polytechnic education and applied research in Alberta. To support our polytechnic in achieving its vision we have the following organizational structure.

Board of Governors

NAIT has been a self-governing institution since the Government of Alberta transferred governance of the Institute to the NAIT Board of Governors in 1982.

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President and CEO

Dr. Glenn Feltham was appointed President and CEO of the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology in 2011.

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Vice-President Academic and Provost

Sue Fitzsimmons joined NAIT’s executive team as Vice-President Academic in 2016. Her portfolio expanded in 2019 and she assumed the role of Vice-President Academic and Provost.

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Vice-President Administration and CFO

Dr. Ray Block joined NAIT’s executive as Vice-President Administration & CFO in April 2011, following more than two decades in leadership.

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Vice-President External Relations and CDO

Sandra Marocco was appointed Vice-President and Chief Development Officer at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) in September 2018.

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President's Advisory Group

Mandate of the Committee – The President’s Advisory Group (PAG) advises the President on those matters of strategic significance to the operation, resources or affairs of NAIT.

The President’s Advisory Group is chaired by the President and CEO and consists of NAIT’s Executive Committee and senior executive management and Director of Government Relations. The PAG is supported by the Senior Communications Officer and Executive Assistant to the President and CEO.

Meetings are held twice per academic year.

President's Council

The Committee consists of the members of President’s Advisory Group and leadership at NAIT.

President’s Council is chaired by the President and CEO and is a forum for Executive Committee to inform and update NAIT’s leadership on matters affecting the institute for their advising to their respective staff.

Meetings are held twice per academic year.

Academic Council

NAIT’s Academic Council makes recommendations to the Board of Governors about academic policy related to student admissions, courses and programs, academic awards, and other academic matters.

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President and CEO

In accordance with the By-Laws of the NAIT Board of Governors, the responsibilities of the President and CEO are to:

  • Prepare the agenda, under the authority of the Chairman, of each Board meeting.
  • Appoint from staff of the Institute a Secretary to the Board whose responsibilities shall be to give or cause to be given notices for all meetings of the Board or any committee of the Board when directed to do so; prepare and distribute the agenda and Board packages through the Board Link software; prepare and distribute minutes of Board meetings; and maintain records of Board meetings.
  • Execute all duties as Chief Executive Officer as assigned in the President’s job description, and under direction of the Board, lead, supervise, manage and direct the instructional, administrative, and business affairs of the Institute, and exercise such powers and perform such duties as are assigned by the Act, by any other enactment and by the resolutions, by-laws and orders of the Board.
  • Execute on behalf of the Institute, all contracts, documents or instruments in writing requiring the signature of the Board, and all contracts, documents and instruments in writing so executed shall be binding upon the Board and upon the Institute without further authorization or formality.
  • Be responsible for the selection and evaluation or dismissal of any employee, however designated, directly or through their next superior position, for the efficient operation of the organizational unit or functions for which they are responsible.
  • Be the channel of communication from Academic Council in accordance with the Post-Secondary Learning Act.
  • Assist the Board with establishment of goals and the development of policies.
  • Provide such information and advice to the Board as it may require to fulfil its responsibilities under the Post-Secondary Learning Act.
  • Provide such information to the Board as will enable it to assess the Institute's effectiveness and efficiency in achieving its goals and carrying out the mission articulated by the Board.
  • Serve as the communication link between the Board and the Institute’s internal and external constituencies, unless otherwise directed by the Board.
  • Serve as an ex officio and voting member of all standing and ad hoc committees of the Board except in those cases where the Board or its committees are reviewing the exercise of the office and except for the Finance and Audit Committee and the Human Resources Committee, where the President shall serve as an ex officio non-voting member.
  • Ensure that appropriate and sufficient staff resources are assigned to provide support services required for effective functioning of the Board including the appointment of a Secretary to the Board.
  • Perform such additional activities and assume such other powers as the Board may specify and delegate.


  • Ensures NAIT’s core businesses of education, research and serving students operate smoothly
  • Monitors NAIT’s core businesses, resolves personnel matters, balances budgets and arbitrates competing needs for facilities
  • Finds the right balance between the principles that underlie our academic mission and the realities of operating within a resource-constrained environment.

The following areas report to the Provost

  • The four schools (Business; Skilled Trades; Applied Sciences and Technology; Health and Life Sciences)
  • Registrar’s Office • Institutional Research
  • Program, Pathways and Enrolment Planning (PPEP)
  • Recreation and Athletic Facilities
  • Academic Alignment and
  • Scheduling

Vice-President Academic

  • Promotes and maintains the academic vision
  • Ensures the academic portfolio stays true to its mission
  • Provides leadership and direction, working with the executive team on education, applied research, innovation and holistic student success

The following areas report to the Vice-President Academic:

  • Learning and Teaching Commons
  • Campus Life
  • Engagement
  • Office of Research and Innovation

Vice President Administration and CFO

The Vice President Administration and Chief Financial Officer manages the financial and administrative services for the institute. Responsibilities include:

  • corporate services (financial accounting, financial planning, materials management, eat AT NAIT, and accounting services for the NAIT Foundation)
  • information systems
  • capital projects and facilities operations
  • human resources
  • contracts, access and privacy administration
  • support for the Finance and Audit, Campus Development, and Human Resources Committees of the Board of Governors
  • building effective relationships with:
    • government
    • business and industry leaders
    • other post-secondary organizations
    • professional support services (audit, banking, legal and consulting)

The Vice President Administration and CFO is also the treasurer of the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology Foundation. He also assists the President and members of the Executive Team in ensuring that NAIT achieves its vision.

Vice President External Relations and CDO

The External Relations team’s mandate is to establish, maintain and strengthen NAIT’s relationships with government, business and industry, donors, alumni, community organizations, media, and students to meet private and public sector applied education needs in a competitive marketplace.

External Relations is responsible for Advancement, Marketing and Communications, Government Relations, Continuing Education, and Corporate and International Training. This includes:

  • Fostering relationships with donors and alumni, and developing strategies and tactics to inspire engagement and investment in NAIT.
  • Developing and fostering strong media partnerships that help to amplify and elevate NAIT’s polytechnic mandate.
  • Overseeing and stewarding NAIT’s brand to all external and internal audiences.
  • Working with colleagues across the institute to develop and execute marketing and communications plans that are effective and coordinated and that consistently reflect NAIT’s brand.
  • Creating meaningful relationships and engagement with all levels of government.
  • Developing business opportunities to offer specialized, non-credit educational services and products to local and international businesses and governments.
  • Planning and delivering non-credit courses through Continuing Education.