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International Admissions

International students are an important and vital part of our community. Our technical training and applied education are supported by many useful services to help international students get the best NAIT experience possible.

You are considered an international applicant if you are not a citizen or a permanent resident of Canada.

We have a limited number of seats available to international students. Apply early to increase your chance of acceptance into your program of choice.

Check program availability

Applicants planning to attend NAIT on a study permit are encouraged to submit a complete application before the following dates:

Fall term Winter term Spring term
May 1 September 1 January 1

Ready to apply? Follow the three guides below to make sure your application goes through correctly.

Before You Apply

Follow these steps before submitting your application.

How To Apply

Follow these steps to submit your application.

After You Apply

Follow these steps after submitting your application.

Financing & Scholarships

Learn more about how much your funding options including scholarships available to international students

Immigration & Visa Requirements

Learn more about what you need to successfully enroll as an international student at NAIT.