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Religion & Spirituality

NAIT's reflection rooms (CAT406 and J207) are open for quiet personal reflection or religious observance. Distancing and masking as per NAIT's broader scheme remain in effect.

As always, we ask that you refrain from studying, eating, and watching videos or various other leisure pursuits, out of respect for those investing in their wellness or religious commitment.

Please do not attend these rooms if you have any covid-like symptoms, even if you are fully vaccinated or are sure/suspect it's just a cold to prevent breakthrough transmission and economize safety follow-up efforts.

Spiritual well-being can be a key part of student success. NAIT's chaplains are faith leaders who represent several communities of faith and are open and available to all members of the NAIT community, regardless of religious denomination.

What is chaplaincy?

Our chaplains provide guidance and support to NAIT students wishing to explore issues of faith and spirituality, regardless of religious denomination. They act as a resource on spiritual matters and encourage thoughtful reflection and dialogue.

Chaplains may offer other services, such as:

  • one-on-one spiritual consultation and opportunities to explore their faith traditions
  • work with student groups on campus
  • host faith-based events
  • participate in NAIT-wide events

NAIT Chaplains are trained and represent their unique faith perspectives. They encourage and facilitate interfaith dialogue. They are happy to speak with you and answer questions, and they won't try to convert or recruit you.

Reflection rooms

Find a quiet space for meditation or prayer. NAIT has space set aside for personal reflection, observance and spiritual growth.

Current students can log into the MyNAIT Student Portal for details.

Log in to MyNAIT Portal

Prospective students wanting to know more are encouraged to get in touch.

Email Chaplaincy

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