Testimonials from International Partners

Tom McGrail, General Manager, Minas de Oro Nacional

Minas de Oro Nacional

During my tenure as General Manager at the Mulatos mine, of Minas de Oro Nacional, S.A. de C.V., a subsidiary of Alamos Gold Inc., I had the good fortune of having a V.P. of Operations who strongly promoted training for the workforce. To facilitate a planned increase in production the need for training was corporately recognized. The required Operator training was readily provided by the company. However, the training required by the Maintenance department personnel, specifically the Millwrights, Heavy Duty Mechanics and Electricians, was not within our capabilities.

In discussions with NAIT, a program was put together that would see these maintenance employees receive excellent internationally recognized training that would lead to the participating employees receiving NAIT certification. NAIT also assisted in the design of the training facilities that were provided in Hermosillo, Sonora. The training schedule was structured to allow personnel to continue working while investing their scheduled work rotation breaks in the training.

Over 85% of the maintenance employees took advantage of this training offer. It was remarkable to see maintenance personnel studying their course material during their work rotation and organizing study groups after their work shifts. The benefits derived from this NAIT program were numerous:

  • Maintenance Employees took increased pride in their work and they saw the company investing in their training. This contributed to continuing improvements in employee/company relations.

  • Application of their increasing knowledge contributed to improvements to the scheduling and work procedures as applied to maintenance.

  • Most importantly, the frequency and severity of accidents were both greatly reduced.

Their families played a significant role in promoting the employees’ participation; without their collaboration, the training would not have been as successful.

NAIT accommodated our unique circumstances by modifying their training schedules and providing the skilled instructors that were needed to implement this training. I've spent plus 40 years in the mining industry and this NAIT training program accomplished more in elevating employee/company pride and team building than anything else I've witnessed during my career.

Yang Zhaonan, Associate Dean, International Education Centre, Heilongjiang University of Science and Technology

With the ongoing development of the internationalization in education, Heilongjiang University of Science and Technology (HUST) implemented a joint teaching program with NAIT back in 2001.  Since that time we’ve sent our teachers to NAIT to receive training, bilingual teaching and introduced Digital Media and IT courses.  This program has broadened the students’ global vision and learning of Canadian culture. HUST considers this mutual cooperation very successful and is fulfilling the current contract through to 2024.

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