A message from our deans

"Welcome to the JR Shaw School of Business, where our commitment is to empower both students and industry for success. We pride ourselves on being the most responsive and connected business school, equipping graduates for successful careers in the ever-evolving landscape. This is made possible by our skilled faculty, who not only possess extensive industry expertise but also serve as mentors, guiding you toward your goals.

In our School, we believe in the power of hands-on learning, real-world application, and nurturing an entrepreneurial mindset within our students. We empower our students to think creatively, embrace calculated risks, and perceive challenges as opportunities. This mindset is not just a concept; it’s a tangible skill our graduates carry into the competitive marketplace of today.

The JR Shaw School of Business is the place for launching your career or the source for your next talent. We understand the ever-changing demands of the field, ensuring our students are well-equipped to meet those challenges. Whether you’re a student or an industry partner, we look forward to connecting with you as we collaborate to leave a lasting mark on the business world."

Jodi Howick & Ryan Young 
Co-Deans, JR Shaw School of Business

Jodi Howick, Ryan Young, co-deans of the JR Shaw School of Business


About JR Shaw

JR Shaw

From connecting his first cable customer in 1971 to growing his company to employ 15,000 staff and serve 3 million customers, JR is the epitome of a successful entrepreneur.

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