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Get to know yourself

Knowing what you want and what you love will help make sure you’re going to love your chosen career.

A few tools that can help:

  • Take NAIT's Find Your Future quiz to explore what programs may be available based on your interests, skills and aspirations.
  • The Alberta Learning Information Service (ALIS) offers online assessments that result in personalized career suggestions.
  • Put pen to paper and brainstorm all the things that you’re keen on. Find out where your passions overlap with career possibilities.

Do your homework

The assignment begins now.

Explore programs

Do you know the difference between Geological Sciences and Geomatics? Review our program pages carefully. Even though some program names may sound the same, they can be quite different! Make sure you understand those differences before you apply.

You can also review NAIT's Viewbook to explore programs.

Research the industry

Use the following questions to help decide if you should apply to a program.   

  • How many grads get jobs after graduation?
  • What jobs are available and what are they like?
  • What are the entry level and future salaries?
  • What skills are required to be successful in the industry and the job?
  • What is it like to work in the industry?
  • What is the future like for the industry?
  • Will I have to relocate?

Focus on the right stuff

Don't get distracted by potential salary.

Although it's great to aspire to a high-paying career, make sure you'll also be happy with your work environment, job benefits and room for growth.

Listen to your family and friends AND listen to your heart

Your parents and friends can offer good advice, but you also need to feel confident about the path you’re pursuing in order to stay motivated through the tough times.

Learn from experience

How was high school for you? If art was your strength, consider translating your creative know-how into Graphic Design. Do you love the outdoors? Look into our Environment and Natural Resources programs.

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Plan Ahead

Get the ball rolling early.

Think about your future career now so you can choose the right courses in high school, or consider upgrading with your chosen career in mind.

Check the program requirements

Some programs have competitive entrance requirements or a formal interview process for admission. Be sure to carefully read the entrance requirements listed for each program.

Make use of NAIT’s resources

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