Additional Fees and Expenses

Mandatory Fees

Course and program fees

Many classes and some programs have additional fees to cover the costs of course materials, certifications and field trips. Look up your program and courses in the Course Material Fee list to see what additional fees apply to you.

Course and program material fees (pdf)

Recreation and athletic fees

Students gain access to NAIT's recreation and fitness facilities, classes and activities.

Student type Term Cost
Full-time and part-time students Fall and winter $35.00 each semester Mandatory fee
Full-time and part-time students Spring and summer *Optional, monthly fee
Apprenticeship students All terms $2.35 per week
Mandatory fee

NAIT Students' Association (NAITSA)

The Student's Association provides a variety of services and benefits for current NAIT students, including:

  • Membership fees
  • Student Benefits Plans
  • Unviersal Transit Pass (U-Pass)

See full listing of NAITSA fees

*Fees are subject to change without notice.

Optional Fees


If you’re a student at NAIT, you have various parking permit options, depending on where and when your classes are. Get full details including rates and where to purchase parking permits as well as other options available to students including Pogo carshare and transit.

To qualify for a parking permit, students must:

  • be currently enrolled in daytime classes during the Fall or Winter semester

  • have a current NAIT student ID number

Student parking Transit and LRT

one AT NAIT card

Your student card, or one AT NAIT card is your campus identity card.

Item Fee

Damaged Card Replacement - with card to exchange

 Lost/Stolen Replacement card $25


Rates are effective from July 1 of the current year until June 30 of the following year. Rates include GST. To learn how to rent a locker, please visit our Locker Rental page. Lockers for the 2019/2020 Academic Year will not be available until mid-August 2019. Main Campus lockers must be paid for online at the time of booking.

  • Rates are for locker rental only.
  • Rates are subject to change.
  • Locker rentals are non-refundable.

Rates for students in Credit Programs, Open Studies or Non-Credit Programs

Campus Type 1 Term Fee 2 Term Fee (Fall/Winter or Winter/Fall) 2 Year Fee
Main Campus Full Locker $36.00 per term $63.00 $110.00
Main Campus Half Locker $22.50 per term $40.00 $73.50

Apprenticeship Programs (various lengths from 6 weeks to 12 weeks)

Campus Type Fee
Main and Patricia Campus Full Locker $21.00 per term
Main and Patricia Campus Half Locker $18.00 per term
Souch Campus Full or Wide Locker $21.00 per term

Rates for students in Pre-employment Programs

Campus Type Fee
Patricia Campus Full Locker $36.00 per training period 

Other fees

Type Fee
Locker Change Fee (main campus only) $5.00
Lock Replacement Fee (main campus only) $25.00
Content Retrieval Fee $50.00


Item Fee
Advance Credit Appeal Fee $35
Application Fee $115
Cheque Returned NSF $50
Duplicate Diplomas/Certificates $100
Duplicate Payment Receipt Fee $15
Duplicate Tax Receipt (T2202A) $15
Locker Retrieval Fee $50
Re-Evaluation of course or assignment request $35
Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) Fee $150
Transcripts $16
Tuition Deposit (Non-refundable) $250/$500
Tuition Deposit for International Students (Non-refundable) $1000
Foreign Document Assessment Fee $75
U-Pass replacements View fees on