High School Equivalency Tests

Equivalency tests

What are equivalency tests?

If you are missing prerequisites or need to improve your mark(s) in English, Math, Physics, Chemistry or Biology, you may wish to challenge one or more NAIT equivalency tests.

  • Tests may only be re-attempted every 4 months.
  • Results will be posted on the MyNAIT Student Portal no later than 10 business days after the test.
  • (Grades & Transcripts > ELP, Placement & Equivalency Results > View test results)

It is your responsibility to ensure you leave adequate time to schedule, take and have your test grades according to NAIT's program application deadlines. If you have already applied to a NAIT program, follow the deadline posted on your MyNAIT Student Portal.

To learn more about Out of Province High School equivalencies, please visit Transfer Alberta.

Current availability

Please view the relevant Info Sheet, Readiness Check (if available), and Formula Sheet (if applicable) below for more detailed information.

How will NAIT use my equivalency test results?

NAIT equivalency test results are for internal use only and are not recognized by any other institution. Results of all NAIT equivalency tests are final. Individualized test result feedback will not be provided. NAIT will use your highest mark (transcript or equivalency test result) for admission requirements. Taking an equivalency test does not guarantee acceptance into your program. Admission depends on

  • the timeliness of your application
  • the competitive academic entrance requirements of your program (which may be higher than the minimum requirements)
  • the completion of any non-academic requirements

For more information on accessing your test results, please refer to NAC - After your Equivalency Test (pdf).

Book your test

Exams are held on campus at the following times. You must have a NAIT ID number and Portal username before booking. If you don't have this information, please visit the MyNAIT Portal. 

Location     NAIT Main Campus (11762 - 106 Street, Edmonton)
Test Days     Edmonton: Monday to Friday
Times     Edmonton: 8:30 a.m. and 12 p.m.
Cost  $300

Contact us

For further information on equivalency  testing, contact the Student Service Centre.

Book your test online

Off-campus testing

If you are a NAIT or prospective NAIT student living more than 100km outside of NAIT Main Campus (Edmonton), you can now take an Equivalency Test off-campus, at a location in or close to your home town. To find more details on how to schedule an Off-Campus Equivalency Test, please visit Off-Campus Placement/Equivalency Testing Scheduling Instruction.

To check list of NAIT approved off-campus invigilation sites, please visit NAIT Placement and Equivalency Invigilation Network.

Contact us

For further information on equivalency off-campus  testing, call 780-471-5415 or email us at

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