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English language proficiency

To ensure you are ready to participate in our programs and succeed in the workforce, you need to be comfortable receiving instruction and reading materials in the English language.

There are 2 types of evaluations used to determine your English-language proficiency.

  1. General evaluation for work or immigration purposes
  2. Academic evaluation for study purposes

We use the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) to evaluate our prospective students’ English-language proficiency. IELTS is trusted by post-secondary institutions, governments, private corporations and accreditation bodies around the world.

You will need to show English-language competence in listening, reading, writing and speaking in order to pass the exam.

General evaluation for work or immigration purposes

General evaluations assess your basic language survival skills in a broad social and educational context.

You will need to complete the general English language evaluation if you plan to go to English-speaking countries such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand or the United States and:

  • complete your secondary education
  • look for work
  • enrol in training programs
  • immigrate

Academic evaluation for study purposes

The academic evaluation assesses your readiness to study or train in English at an undergraduate or postgraduate level.

Admission to undergraduate and professional development programs is based on the results of this assessment.


How to register for an exam

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Why take a pretest?

Pretesting provides test takers valuable practice on the Listening, Reading, and Writing sections of the IELTS test, and is taken under real examination conditions at an official test centre. Pretest results are an excellent way for test takers to know their current IELTS level and how it compares to the target level they need.

  • Build confidence, gain experience
    Pretesting allows test takers to practice under real examination conditions, which are similar to the official IELTS test day experience
  • Fast results
    It takes only seven days to receive IELTS pretest results, allowing test takers to quickly assess their level and work on ways to improve.
  • Writing feedback
    The Writing section of the pretest is marked by a certified IELTS examiner who will determine the test takers band score.

Upcoming IELTS Pretesting Dates at NAIT

Thursday, September 19, 2019
8:30 AM

Frequently asked questions:

How much is a pretest?
There is a small fee of $25.00 to take a pretest.

Are scores valid?
A pretest score is not an official IELTS score, so they can’t be used for academic, immigration or work-related purposes.

Register now


  1. Visit the British Council IELTS online registration system.
  2. Find a test date by entering the date of your choice, the town/city in which you wish to complete your exam and the exam module (either General or Academic).
  3. Once you’ve found your preferred test date, click “Apply”.
  4. Read through the “IELTS Application: Terms and Conditions” and click “I have read and agree to the above Terms and Conditions” to continue.
  5. Enter your candidate details as required. Upload your photo and the scanned copies of your valid passport or Permanent Residence Card.

Register for your IELTS exam


Once you have registered on the IELTS online registration system, payment must be made within 48 hours through the NAIT exam registration system.

  1. Choose location "IELTS Edmonton"
  2. Choose "IELTS Test"
  3. Select the same date that you registered for on the IELTS Online Registration System
  4. Select the time of your exam
  5. Enter your first name, last name and email address
  6. Read the Exam Guideline Acknowledgement and click "agree"
  7. Enter the required IELTS Confirmation Number and your contact phone number
  8. Click "Add to cart" and complete payment

Cancellations and transfers

Assessment cancellations and transfer requests must be submitted in writing at least 5 weeks before the test date and must include a completed Request for Refund or Test Date Transfer form (pdf). Please email the completed form to the IELTS Test Centre at ielts@nait.ca.

  • Requests for a cancellation or transfer submitted more than 5 weeks before the test date will receive a refund, minus a $70.00 cancellation fee and a $25.00 administrative fee.
  • Requests for a cancellation or transfer submitted less than 5 weeks prior to the test date will be treated as a cancellation and no refund will be issued.

Please note: Submitting this request form does not automatically guarantee that the request will be approved.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for the photo I provide?

It is your responsibility to ensure that your photo meets the IELTS requirements. Your photo must:

  1. Be in colour
  2. Be no more than 6 months old
  3. Be taken against a plain neutral-colour background so that features are clearly distinguishable
  4. Be undamaged
  5. Be in sharp focus and clear
  6. Be print-quality of professional standard
  7. Be a close-up of the head and shoulders
  8. Show the candidate looking straight at the camera
  9. Show the candidate with a neutral expression, not smiling or laughing
  10. Show the candidate with mouth closed
  11. Show the candidate with eyes open and clearly visible
  12. Show the candidate without glasses
  13. Not have any shadows
  14. Not have anything covering the face, the outlines of the eyes, nose, mouth or ears
  15. Adhere to our technical requirements (e.g. we can only accept .jpg photo files of 500 x 750 pixels and with a file size less than 1MB)

What does my scanned identity document need to include?

Your scanned identity document must:

  1. Include your ID number
  2. Include your signature
  3. Include your date of birth
  4. Include your photograph
  5. Include your ID expiry date
  6. Be scanned in colour
  7. Be in .jpg, .gif or .png file format
  8. Be smaller than 1600 x 1600 pixels
  9. Be in a file smaller than 1.5MB

What is the cost to write an IELTS exam?

The fee for exams is $320.00

How far in advance should candidates enrol for their exam?

Candidates should enrol as soon as they are able to secure a date that works for them. Registrations will remain open until 1 week prior to the exam date.

How long does it take to receive exam results?

Exam results are released 13 days after the exam date.

Is there a waiting period between IELTS exam attempts?

There is no waiting period. Students can attempt to pass an IELTS exam as many times and in as short a period of time as they like.

If someone takes a NAIT English Language Proficiency (ELP) test and doesn't pass, can they take an IELTS test within the ELP's 8-week retest period?

Yes. The tests have no ties or relation to one another.

IELTS is jointly owned by British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge English Language Assessment.