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Student activities

At the JR Shaw School of Business, your education goes beyond the classroom. You'll get the opportunity to apply and demonstrate what you've learned in the classroom through:

  • Student competitions and events
  • Networking opportunities
  • Industry partnerships and projects
  • Co-op terms and work-integrated learning

Our industry partners rely on us to produce job-ready graduates who can make an immediate impact when they enter the workforce. Will you be one of them? 

November event feature

Financial Literacy Week at NAIT

Financial Literacy Week at NAIT

We’re proud to participate in Financial Literacy Month; a national campaign focused on building financial resilience. 

Financial Literacy Week is a fast-paced, 100-minute/day crash course in Financial Literacy! This event took place on November 14-16, 2023.

Watch 2023's recorded video sessions

Watch 2022's recorded video sessions 

Hear what our students and attendees had to say:

"It's a really good webinar. I have gained more knowledge about finances and how I can budget my money/ save for the future. The activities are fun and engaging, has helped me and a lot of students be more careful and mindful about spending."

"This is one of the best events that I have attended with NAIT over the last number of years. I cannot express the immense gratitude that I'm feeling right now about your concern with your student's financial well-being. Thank you again."

Business case competitions

You can participate in a wide range of business competitions during your studies at NAIT where you'll demonstrate your skills, analyze situations, work as a team and see the immediate results of a decision.

Our student teams have been recognized in various competitions, locally, nationally and internationally. 

Upcoming competitions:

NAIT students presenting in a case competition

Rotman Portfolio Management Competition (RPMC)


RPMC is an annual event that brings teams of students from universities worldwide to participate in a unique simulated online financial market challenge. It’s the world’s largest competition of this kind.

In 2021, a team of 6 NAIT students placed 21st out of 109 international schools. 
NAIT students at business case competition

Alberta Deans Case Competition


The Alberta Deans Case Competition challenges students to solve a problem affecting a specific organization. Students learn the importance of out-of-the-box thinking and applying academic content to real, Alberta challenges.

In 2021, a team of 4 NAIT students placed 2nd
students working on laptop at NAIT

HRC West Competition


HRC West is the only business case competition in Western Canada dedicated entirely to the field of HR. Students are faced with a business case that explores a pressing HR challenge identified by working CPHRs.

In 2019, a team of 4 NAIT students placed 1st, ahead of UBC and Mount Royal University.

“Our team's skills and collaborative abilities were put to the test. I  look forward to future case competitions.”

- Robert Pinset, NAIT team member

"The prep allowed me to grow as a student and build connections with my peers. It also helped improve my time management skills as I balanced my other commitments and put a strong effort into this competition."

- Jorgia Moore, NAIT team member

Industry collaboration projects

We work with industry to create real-life assignments, projects, programs and communities to prepare students for their careers and set them up to hit the ground running after graduation.

Accountant-in-Residence program

The Accountant-in-Residence program is designed to create meaningful connections between NAIT students and leaders in the accounting field to provide mentorship and insights into industry trends.

Bachelor of Business Administration Co-op Education

Gain experience, earn money and test drive your future career with the BBA Cooperative Education Program.

Mawji Centre for New Venture and Student Entrepreneurship

The Mawji Centre is NAIT's vibrant on-campus community dedicated to inspiring your entrepreneurial mindset through mentorship, guest speakers, competitions, workshops, networking and programming.

Promotional Campaign Awards

Marketing students work with real clients to create campaigns that are judged by a panel of experts. Winning teams are honoured at the Promotional Campaign Awards attended by industry professionals.

Networking opportunities

JR Shaw School of Business students join the business community to network and celebrate success all throughout the year. Explore our annual and upcoming networking opportunities.

Annual NAIT networking events:

NAIT business students at a networking event

Fall/Winter Networking Event


This event allows business students to practice networking skills taught in class. The Sales Management class participates in live cases where  thee winners are presented with scholarships funded by NAIT industry partners.

NAIT business students at a networking event

Applied Financial Services (AFS) Connector Event


Students meet and practice connecting on a professional level while allowing industry a chance to network with potential future employees. Last year, the AFS students presented a "Show and Tell" to industry professionals.

NAIT business students networking

Mock Interview Event


The 2-day Mock Interview Event simulates a job interview with a real industry professional. Industry hiring managers share their skills, experience and feedback, and  students acquire interview skills that enable them to succeed in finding a career. 

"I found the Mock Interview event to be more than helpful – I actually got a real interview and received a real job offer!"

- NAIT student

"For the most part, really helpful for the development of my own network. Was able to reach out to people that I never would have been able to reach on my own".

- NAIT student

More ways to gain industry experience during your program 

Clubs and student groups are a great way to meet new people, flex your knowledge and add experience to your resumé.

ICON Student Managed Investment Fund

Gain practical experience in investment analysis and portfolio management to better prepare for a career in the investment industry with NAIT's ICON fund.

Human Resources club

The student-run Human Resources Club at NAIT (HRCN) is a career growth, skill development & networking club for HR students in the JR Shaw School of Business, NAIT. The club works on improving skills and gaining knowledge through conferences, seminars, and other engaging events where we explore trends, career choices and network with students, faculty & HR professionals.

Are you an HR student? We’d love to hear from you!

Email us

NAITSA clubs

Many of the clubs you'll find at NAIT are run by the NAIT Students' Association (NAITSA). Here are some of the business-related clubs they offer:

  • Accounting Club of NAIT (ACON)
  • Club 5 Star (Hospitality Management students)
  • Case Competition Club
  • Enactus NAIT
  • Real Estate Club of NAIT

Learn more about NAITSA clubs

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