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The JR Shaw School of Business, and NAIT as a whole, has made promises to our students, industry and Alberta.

To make good on our promises, we have partnered with industry to ensure our students receive a quality education that is practical and specific to in-demand careers in Alberta. We are always looking for new and innovative ways to partner with industry so please reach out if you would like to connect.

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Industry consultation

Advise on our curriculum

Each year, our programs are reviewed by members of our program advisory councils to ensure students are learning everything they need to be successful in the workforce. Topics discussed include program curriculum and desired outcomes, new industry innovations and ways to foster greater connections between students and employers.

Teach for us

Over 40% of our courses are taught by contract and sessional instructors who are interested in teaching only 1 or 2 courses per year. For these teaching positions, we place a high priority on industry experience (ie. a Master’s degree is not necessarily required). If you are interested in teaching, please complete the Expression of Instructional Interest form and submit it along with your resume to

Work-integrated learning

Many of our programs include the option for students to apply professional skills and theoretical understanding in a workplace setting through practicum, co-op and work experience. In turn, you get well-trained employees for a designated period of time with the potential to bring them back after graduation.

Hire a NAIT student

Our new co-operative education program is a great way to provide students work-related opportunities while also seeing what they can offer your company.  Many organizations firms use our co-op program as a way to recruit top talent. To learn more about our co-op program and available subsidies, contact our Co-op Coordinator at

Student business advising

Consider having students help with a project, idea or challenge your company is wants to solve. Whether it is developing a promotional advertising campaign or working on a supply chain issue, we are always looking for ways to bring hands-on and real-world learning opportunities into the classroom.  To discuss these further, contact Ryan Young, Associate Dean, Industry Engagement (

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