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How to Apply Checklist

 International students

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Getting ready to study in Canada

The following checklist will prepare you to apply to NAIT as an international student. Please note that entrance and admissions requirements may vary by program.

Check the study permit processing times with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). Ensure you will receive your study permit needed to start classes on time or before NAIT’s study permit deadline.  See international applicant deadlines.

  Search our programs for international students and review the Program Availability.

Make sure that you meet NAIT’s English Language Proficiency requirements or learn if your country is exempt.

Review the tuition and fee costs for your program and the estimated costs for one year of study.

Check program availability

If you are a legal resident, living in one of these countries: China, India, Morocco, Pakistan, the Philippines, Senegal or Vietnam, you have the option to apply for your study permit through Student Direct Stream (SDS) program. Please read about the requirements and instructions from the Government of Canada website if you are planning to apply through this program.

Explore your options

There are many different ways to experience a NAIT education, from full-time diploma programs and apprenticeships to part-time degrees. Let us help you choose what's right for you.   Find out more

In-Person Events

Overseas Events

Find out when a NAIT representative will be in a city near you.

Applying to NAIT

You're ready to move on to the next step of your admissions journey at NAIT - applying. Follow the steps below, and make sure you give yourself plenty of time to complete your application. Best of luck!

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Select a program

Decide on a program that aligns best with your career goals.

Learn about program delivery options (full time, part time, online) and decide which one is best for you. Check the program info to make sure  -  not all delivery options are available for every program.

Attend an information session, Open House or Program Preview.

Consider meeting with a Student Advisor to  plan your application and learn how to get the most out of your time at NAIT.

Overseas Events

Find out when a NAIT representative will be in a city near you.   Find out more

Open House

Save the date for the 2019 NAIT Open House on Friday, October 18th and Saturday, October 19th, at our Main Campus.   Find out more

Create your myNAIT Portal student account

Your admissions updates and notifications on your NAIT portal. It's important to check it daily throughout the application process. We recommend using the same email address for everything.

NAIT will send you an email that contains your NAIT Student ID Number. This number is yours for the entire time you are at NAIT. You will need it for future applications, ordering transcripts, etc. Keep this number safe.

To create your NAIT student portal account, you will need an email address. Watch our video guide for step-by-step instructions on creating your account! 

Create an account   Login

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Apply online

Apply online to NAIT through the provincial post-secondary application website, Apply Alberta (APAS). You will use APAS to submit your application online, upload supporting documents, transcripts and application fees.

You will need:

Apply now

Already have an Apply Alberta account? Login

Tips for applying

  • Enter your name exactly as it appears on your passport and personal details into the relevant fields in the ‘Create Profile’ section. If you have only one name, enter the same name into the first and last name fields).
  • Ensure your contact information, including your email address, is correct. You cannot use someone else's information. 
    • If you make an error when entering your personal information, click ‘Edit Profile and Restart’; this will return you to an earlier place in the application process.
  • On the ‘Alberta Student Number’ screen, click ‘Yes’ if you know your Alberta Student Number (this would be generated if you had submitted a previous application to NAIT OR you attended any school or post-secondary institute in Alberta or Lloydminster). Otherwise, click ‘No’.
  • If you clicked ‘yes,’ the system will attempt to locate your existing Alberta Student Number and may request additional information to do so. If you made an error when entering your personal information, click ‘Edit Profile and Restart’; this will return you to an earlier place in the application process. If you click ‘No’, a new Alberta Student Number will be generated for you. Please keep this number for future reference.
  • Click ‘Continue’ when the system locates the Alberta Student Number.
  • When entering your country of citizenship, be sure to use your passport-issuing country. If you do not select Canada, you will be asked to provide some additional information to determine your residency status. Be honest when entering your information, as it will be used to fill out  your admission letter. You will need to submit the admission letter with your study permit application.
  • When you enter your high school and university (not required) grades, please note that NAIT will still review your official transcripts to determine your actual grades during the document assessment. To receive an admission, NAIT will need you to send in your transcripts and documents
  • When selecting the term and program that you would like to apply for, please also select a second choice if applicable, as NAIT cannot add a second-choice application after the application is complete. You may apply for other programs for an additional $115 fee per application.

Submit documents

NAIT will accept:

  • Original transcripts/degree/diplomas- direct from your school in a sealed envelope, or
  • Notarized copies of transcripts/degrees/diplomas: If you only have one set, or cannot obtain original documents from your school, please make notarized copies of the original to send to NAIT. 

 To receive full admission, you must submit paper documents  to NAIT in-person, by courier, or by mail.

You may receive conditional admission by  uploading  scanned copies of your documents your myNAIT Portal. You will need to send paper documents to NAIT to be offered full admission. 

Submitting documents to NAIT

Documents outside of Canada

If you studied outside of Canada, you are required to have a document assessment. This will determine the equivalency of your courses in the Alberta education system for admission to NAIT. 
View required documents for your country, Accepted Official Documents.

Documents from Alberta schools

NAIT will request your transcripts from any school in Alberta. If you attended an Alberta school (high school or post-secondary), you won’t need to send paper copies of your documents to our campus. You will need to fill in the school information on your online NAIT application.

Transcript Deadlines are on your MyNAIT Portal.

If you are offered conditional admission to a NAIT program, you must submit your paper documents by the deadline on your portal. NAIT will revoke your offer of admission if paper documents are not received.

If you are mailing in your documents, please write your full name and NAIT student ID on the envelope. 

Where to send your paper documents

On the envelope, add your NAIT student ID number and your full name.

Mailing Address:

Office of the Registrar
Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT)
11762 - 106 Street
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, T5G 2R1

Translation requirements

If your documents are in a language other than English, you will need to have them professionally translated. Seek a certified translator in your area who has a stamp.

NAIT requires a literal, word-for-word translation completed by a certified translator accompanied by official copies of your original language transcripts. NAIT does not provide translation services.

Translated outside of Canada

Outside of Canada, applicants are advised to review the certified translator requirements in the country. All documents must be stamped by a certified translator.

Pay Document Assessment Fee

If you studied outside of Canada, you are required to have a document assessment. This will determine the equivalency of your courses in the Alberta education system for admission to NAIT.

There are two types of assessments: NAIT Assessment and External Assessment

NAIT Document Assessment - $75 CAD

The NAIT assessment processing times are shorter than that of external assessment services. However, NAIT assessments are not valid for use at other institutions.

Once NAIT receives your digital (uploaded to the portal), or paper documents, a $75 charge will appear on your portal. The assessment will begin once the fee is paid.

External Assessment  (prices vary)

NAIT will accept the following external document assessments:

These assessments are valid for use at NAIT as well as other post-secondary institutions. Processing times may vary and are not the responsibility of NAIT. 

Getting Your NAIT Document Assessment

Applicants are also able to submit their official international documents or transcripts to NAIT after applying to have your international documents or transcripts assessed. NAIT international document assessments can only be used for admissions at NAIT.

  1. Submit an application through APAS
  2. Submit your international documents to NAIT for an assessment.
  3. Pay the $75CAD international document assessment fee in-person or through your MyNAIT Portal.
  4. NAIT Admissions will review your international documents and/or transcripts. Once completed, your assessment can be found on your MyNAIT Portal under ‘My Applications’ and then click ‘Upload & View Documents’.
  5. Once your assessment is completed and uploaded to your MyNAIT Portal, your application will be reviewed. Your International Document Assessment will be used to evaluate your admissibility to the credit program(s) you have applied to.

Assessment fees and estimated processing time

If payment of the $75CAD International Document Assessment Fee is not paid by the due date indicated on your MyNAIT Portal, your application will be cancelled. You will be able to find the due date on your MyNAIT Portal under ‘My Account’ and then click ‘Fees and Payments’.

The assessment of any international documents and/or transcripts submitted can take up to 30 days to be completed.

Plan tuition and plan finances

It’s important to be realistic about your savings and current financial situation, both now and during your studies. Take some time review the estimated cost for one year at NAIT. 

Check the financial requirements for receiving a Canadian Study Permit. 

Review the tuition and fee costs for your program. 

Review and apply for scholarships, awards, grants and bursaries.

Look up how your country's currency converts to the Canadian Dollar (CAD) 

Note: the tuition cap is the maximum amount of tuition that you will pay in one semester. International students can take extra classes above the tuition cap for no additional cost. Visit your program page for the details. If you have questions about class schedules or recommended classes, please email the program directly.

Track your application

You can track your application status through your MyNAIT Portal. Admission processing times depend on the time of year and on how many people apply. At some points in the year, admissions can take up to two months to process. Apply early to avoid delays!

What your application status means


Your online application has been received, but no admission decision has been made. Keep checking your myNAIT portal for your checklist/to-do list. You may need to send further information, pay fees by the deadlines to receive your admission decision.


The Office of the Registrar will admit or conditionally admit applicants into programs until the program is full.

Once a program is full, qualified applicants are placed on a waitlist.

  • Officially accept offer
  • Enrol in classes
  • Pay all fees by deadline

Login to accept your offer

Conditional Admission

The office of the Registrar needs more information from you. Check your NAIT portal to see what you need to send us. You can use this letter to apply for a study permit; however, you need to ensure that you can meet the admission conditions before the deadline on your portal. Failure to meet the deadlines will result in cancellation of your admission/seat in the program.

Full Admission

The Office of the Registrar has reviewed your application, and you have met all of the requirements.

You will need to officially accept your offer of admission, enrol in classes, and pay all your fees by the deadlines on your MyNAIT portal. 


The office of the Registrar has reviewed your application, and there are no seats available. NAIT maintains two different types of waitlists; one for competitive programs, and one for non-competitive programs.

Competitive Programs
Programs with a competitive entrance manage waitlists according to applicants overall average of the program’s required courses. Applicants who meet the competitive average are placed on a competitive waitlist; applicants that meet the minimum requirements are placed on a non-competitive waitlist.

Non-competitive Programs
Programs with a non-competitive entrance manage waitlists according to the date a complete application was received.

You will need to decide if you want to risk waiting, or if you would like to apply to another NAIT program. Check the study permit processing times in your country to see if you will have enough time to wait or to apply to a new program. 

Accept your offer

After receiving a letter with an offer of admission, you’ll need to pay the required tuition deposit by the deadline displayed on your MyNAIT Portal under “Make a Payment”. After paying your tuition deposit, you will receive an e-letter on your MyNAIT Portal to confirm you have accepted NAIT’s offer of admission.

  • If you applied to 2 programs and are accepted into both at the same time
    Select the program you would like to attend and pay the tuition deposit.
  • Alternate Offer of Admission
    After reviewing your application, if we determine that we are unable to offer you admission in both your first and your second choices, we may provide you an alternate offer of admission to a related NAIT program.
  • Study Permit Denial: If your study permit is denied, you can apply to receive a partial refund.

Apply for a Study Permit

Most international students will need a study permit to study at NAIT. Review the study permit processing times in your country.

Students will need a NAIT letter of acceptance to complete their study permit application. You will receive this letter by email and in your MyNAIT portal after you pay your tuition deposit. NAIT's designated learning institution number is O18713200642.

Watch these video guides. Step 1-6 videos

Learn more about permits, visas, and immigration requirements for studying in Canada.

*This is a guide and intended for reference only as some student entrance and admissions requirements may vary. If you have questions or concerns at any time during your application to NAIT, we recommend contacting a member of our student services and advising centre. 

International applicant deadlines

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Applications for Degree, Diploma and Certificate Programs

Due to application and study permit/visa processing times, applicants planning to attend NAIT are strongly encouraged to submit a complete application before the following dates:

  • May 1st for Fall (September) term classes
  • September 1st for Winter (January) term classes
  • January 1st for Spring (May) term classes

Proof of study permit

Proof must be submitted in order to receive an offer of admission (full acceptance) after the following dates for each term:

  • July 1st for Fall (September) term classes
  • November 1st for Winter (January) term classes
  • March 1st for Spring (May) term classes

Applicants for Degree, Diploma and Certificate programs must submit proof that they have a valid, Canadian study permit to receive a full-acceptance offer of admission.

Applicants who do not submit proof of a study permit can only receive a conditional offer of admission. You will need to upload proof of a study permit by the date on your student portal to receive full admission and to hold a seat. Please review your Study Permit processing times

Accepted documents

Please submit proof of your study permit by uploading a scanned copy of one of the following to your MyNAIT Portal:

  • Post-secondary or secondary study permit (must be valid until after the start of class)
  • Post-secondary or secondary study permit  that will expire before the start of class and a screenshot of your IRCC Portal showing you have submitted an application for a study permit extension
  • Letter of Introduction or Letter of Approval issued by IRCC (the letter of introduction the visa office sent you when they approved your study permit - this letter has your permit reference number which IRCC uses to issue your study permit)
  • Verification of Status document (if your valid study permit has been lost and you have yet to receive a replacement document)
  • Student Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) which must be valid until after the start of class

Academic Upgrading and English as a Second Language (ESL) applicants

Academic Upgrading and English as a Second Language (ESL) applicants will not be asked to show proof of a valid study permit to receive admission; however, the Government of Canada recommends that those who intend to study more than one semester (4-months) should apply for a study permit before they begin their classes.

Canadian high school students

Applicants who studied at a high school in Canada, and have a valid secondary study permit, do not need to apply for a new study permit to attend NAIT. However, if the study permit expires during the program term, you must apply for a post-secondary study permit.

Conditional Offer of Admission Letter

You can also use a Conditional Offer of Admission Letter to apply for a study permit or extend your study permit. Students are advised to apply for a study permit as soon as a full/conditional offer of admission letter is issued to maximize chances of receiving a study permit in time for a program start date.

International scholarships

NAIT International has created two new scholarship opportunities specifically for International students

International Scholarship tied to Program of Study

There are 4 scholarships available annually in the amount of $2500.

This scholarship is available to NAIT international students currently enrolled in year 2, 3 or 4 of a credit program, and who have demonstrated academic achievement.  Applicants must hold a minimum GPA of 2.7. One scholarship will be awarded per School.

The scholarships are listed under the following names:

  • International Applied Sciences Scholarship
  • International Business Scholarship
  • International Health and Life Sciences Scholarship
  • International Skilled Trades Scholarship

International Community Builder Scholarship

There are 4 scholarships available annually in the amount of $2500.

This scholarship is available to NAIT international students currently enrolled in year 2, 3 or 4 of a credit program, and who have demonstrated involvement in the campus community, such as involvement in campus clubs, as a volunteer or peer mentor, etc.  Applicants must hold a minimum GPA of 2.0.

To apply for these opportunities and more please visit NAIT Scholarships and Bursaries. Please note: International students are also eligible to apply for any NAIT Scholarship or Bursary that does not explicitly say “Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents only."

Search all scholarships and bursaries
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Fall 2019

Oct. 1, 2018 Applications open
June 24, 2019 Open studies enrolment opens
Aug. 14, 2019 Tuition payment due
Sept. 3, 2019 Fall term starts*

Winter 2020

June 24, 2019 Open studies enrolment open
Oct. 1, 2019 Applications open
Dec. 11, 2019 Tuition payment due
Jan. 6, 2020 Winter term starts*

Spring 2020

June 24, 2019 Open studies enrolment open
Oct. 1, 2019 Applications open
April 8, 2020 Tuition payment due
May 4, 2020 Spring term starts*
Important dates

Need help with your application?

If you have questions or need further assistance, please contact us.

Email us Online live chat Find us in person

Getting set up on campus

Congratulations! You're on your way to a rewarding student experience at NAIT and an exciting career beyond. Once you've received and accepted your official offer letter, you're ready to enrol in classes and get ready Online live chat for your first day on campus.

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Enrol in classes

Check your MyNAIT Portal for your offer of admission e-letter.

Pay your tuition deposit.

After paying your tuition deposit, you will receive an e-letter on your MyNAIT Portal to confirm you have accepted NAIT’s offer of admission.

Enrol in courses as soon as possible. Refer to the Online Enrolment Walkthrough Guide (pdf) or Enrolment Walkthrough videos.

Check My Online Enrolment on your MyNAIT Student Portal for instructions on selecting courses and building your schedule

one AT NAIT card

Your one AT NAIT card serves as your official NAIT identification card, and it also allows you to add funds to use at eat AT NAIT and shop AT NAIT locations and wherever one AT NAIT cards are accepted.

Pick up your card on campus at the main Student Services office

Add funds (optional)

*Fees are subject to change without notice  

Books and supplies

There are two ways to find your list of supplies. You can also find paper copies of most program lists at shop AT NAIT.

MyNAIT Portal

Search on your MyNAIT Portal textbooks page

Print out your list or bring it with you to the bookstore on your device 

Login to find your list

shop AT NAIT online

Look up your program on the shop AT NAIT website

Order books to be delivered or pick up in store

Shop online

shop AT NAIT for all your student needs:

Is someone sponsoring the cost of your textbooks and supplies?

Ensure your sponsor has completed the required documentation with shop AT NAIT. Sponsors can contact shop@nait.ca or call 780.491.7717 for more details on how to create a Sponsored Student account.

Sponsored Student Accounts may take up to two business days to activate, from the time completed documentation has been received.


Find your classes and/or labs on the NAIT campus map

Identify whether you are on Main campus, Patricia campus or Souch campus

Locate convenient parking lots and select a second and third choice in case you are not able to get your preferred spots

Buy a parking permit from the bookstore, shop AT NAIT or online

Pick up your parking tag at the main parking office

 See all student parking options

*Fees are subject to change without notice  

Locker rental

Lockers are available for rent on a first-come, first-served basis at all 3 campuses. Lockers on Souch and Patricia Campuses are not rented online.

Select a locker from the campus locations and maps. If you know the locker number, enter it to rent.

Read and agree to the Rental Terms and Conditions.

Pay for your locker within 24 hours of placing your reservation. Once you have paid you have 30 days to change your locker.

Online locker rental

*Fees are subject to change without notice  

Other things to consider

Student housing or accommodations (roommate, rental, etc.)

Visit campus or take a self-guided tour to get familiar with your classroom and/or lab locations.

Get involved with NAITSA (NAIT student's union) clubs, volunteering, events and peer support services.

Learn about student services including tutoring, mental health counselling, learning support and disabilities services.

Learn more about student life at NAIT

*Fees are subject to change without notice