Academic Upgrading Placement Test

Why take a placement test?

There are 3 primary reasons to take a placement test:

  1. To help you fulfill the Grade 10 English entrance requirement for admission into Academic Upgrading
  2. To help you fulfill the English, Math and Science entrance requirements for admission (starting 2020) into: 
    • CNC Machinist
    • Millwork & Carpentry
    • Pre-employment Auto Body
    • Pre-employment Automotive
    • Professional Meat Cutting
    *You must place at a grade level higher than the prerequisite level required for the program.
  3. To place you into Academic Upgrading courses for which you cannot prove prerequisites.
    This can happen if you:
    • are unable to provide a high school transcript
    • attended school in a language other than English
    • have been out of school for 5 or more years

The tests

Placement tests are only available for Math, English and Chemistry.

Math placement test
(3 hour maximum)

  • A scientific calculator will be provided.
  • This test is progressive, based on Alberta's Mathematics grades 10 to 12 curriculum
  • Successful completion of grade 10 allows the student to progress
  • There is no study guide; you can see what skills you will be tested on by viewing the Alberta Math curriculum online

English placement test
(1 hour maximum)

This test has 2 parts:

  1. Read a literary passage and answer 14 multiple-choice questions.
  2. Write a related essay.
  • There is no study guide; you can see what skills you will be tested on by viewing the Alberta English curriculum online

Chemistry placement test
(90 minutes maximum)

A passing grade on this test will fulfil the Science 10 prerequisite for enrolment into Academic Upgrading's Chemistry 20 course. 

This test cannot be used to fulfil the Chemistry 20 prerequisite for entry into Chemistry 30.

NOTE: Math 10C or equivalent is still required after passing this test.

  • A scientific calculator and Periodic Table of the Elements will be provided.
  • There is no study guide; you can see what skills you will be tested on by viewing the chemistry outcomes within the Alberta Science 10 curriculum online

Test details

  • All placement tests must be scheduled in advance through our online booking tool
  • Testing takes place with NAIT Assessment Services in room L-142
  • Placement tests are used for the sole purpose of placement into NAIT Academic Upgrading courses
  • Rewrites can be booked every 2 months
  • Cost: $82.75 per test

How to schedule an off-campus placement test

If you are a NAIT or prospective NAIT student living more than 100 km outside of Edmonton, you can arrange a placement test (excluding math) off-campus. To find more details on how to schedule an off-campus placement test, visit Off-Campus Placement Testing Scheduling Instructions.

To check list of NAIT approved off-campus invigilation sites, please visit NAIT Placement and Equivalency Invigilation Network.

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