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 Apprenticeship training

Before you apply

This checklist is your step-by-step guide to applying for apprenticeship training at NAIT. You may find it helpful to bookmark this page or print a copy to keep on hand while you go through your application process*.

Find an employer in your field of interest. Don't have an employer? Contact our Apprenticeship Coordinator to determine options and next steps.

Complete the Apprenticeship Application and Contract on MyTradesecrets.

Browse all trades programs and courses to see if the right training is offered at NAIT.

Attend an information session, Open House or Program Preview.

See all apprenticeship training programs at NAIT

Explore your options in the trades

From full-time to part-time and everything in between, there are many educational pathways and programs at NAIT that fit your learning style and your lifestyle.   Find out more

Starting your apprenticeship training at NAIT

Apprenticeship training is delivered at NAIT Main Campus, Patricia Campus, Souch Campus and Spruce Grove Campus. Eligibility for apprenticeship training is determined by Apprenticeship and Industry Training, Division of Alberta Enterprise and Advanced Education. Use the information on this page to guide you through the application process.

NAIT does not manage applications for Apprenticeship training. To apply for programs, please visit

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Become an apprentice


Entry Option 1

Entry Option 2

I am currently in high school Enrol in the apprenticeship and industry training (AIT) registered apprenticeship program Enrol in a NAIT pre-apprenticeship program
I have graduated from high school Get a job in your trade or contact our Apprenticeship Coordinator to connect you with a sponsor Complete certificate or diploma program and obtain transferable work experience
I have a job Indenture as an apprentice with Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT)

Fast track: You may be eligible to challenge the NAIT 1st period apprenticeship exam

Select a program

Create a MyTradeSecrets profile and select Class Registration to view availability and intakes.

Know when to apply. Once you've decided on a NAIT program, review all program dates and deadlines

Make sure the program is still "open" and accepting applicants. See all program availability

Learn about program delivery options (full time, part time, online) and decide which one is best for you. Check the program info to make sure  -  not all delivery options are available for every program.

Consider meeting with a Apprenticeship Coordinator to  plan your application and learn how to get the most out of your time at NAIT.

Apply online

Effective November 1, 2014, you must fill out the application located on the MyTradesecrets website for Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training Board staff to determine if you are eligible for status as an indentured apprentice.

Create MyTradesecrets account (you will need your Alberta Student ID number).

Complete and submit apprenticeship application

Submit contract form

Pay application fee online (credit card)

Please note that all applicants, registered apprentices, and employers must all create a MyAlberta Digital ID Basic Account for ongoing access to MyTradesecrets. 

Schedule your training

Once you are an indentured apprentice, you can review the availability and start and end dates of the program you are interested in. Log into your MyTradesecrets profile and do a search under the Class Registration section. Then you can determine the schedule that best fits your needs.

Find training start and end dates that work for your schedule

Select the appropriate dates in MyTradesecrets

Register for training

Apprenticeship training in Edmonton

 If you select NAIT as your training provider, your training will take place at one of the NAIT campuses in Edmonton, Alberta. 

Complete your registration online by logging into your MyTradesecrets profile and select Class Registration.

When registering for Apprenticeship training, students must make their full payment immediately or provide proof of sponsorship. View the  tuition and fees for information about the costs of Apprenticeship training. 

Register for training in MyTradesecrets

If your employer wishes to register on your behalf, please complete the Apprentice Enrolment Form (pdf) and share it with your employer to submit to NAIT. Please note that seats are limited and using this form may delay your registration. We recommend students register online in MyTradesecrets. 

If you are registering out-of-province or for a distance delivery apprentice, please contact the Student Service Centre

Be aware that your existing registration may be subject to change until 6 weeks prior to class start. In rare cases, classes could be cancelled due to low enrolment. If your enrolment changes, you will be notified and placed on a waitlist for the intake.

Create a NAIT student account

Your admissions updates and notifications will be sent to your NAIT student portal account. It's important to check it frequently throughout the application process. If you're attending NAIT for the first time, create a MyNAIT portal account: go to MyNAIT portal, click on Sign Up and enter your student ID and personal information.

We recommend using the same email address for both NAIT and My Tradesecrets so all updates are easily accessible from the same inbox.

Create account  Login

If you have attended NAIT before and do not remember your username and password, please do not create a new one – instead, click on Forgot Your Password to retrieve it or contact us by phone or in person.

Reset password

Registration confirmation

An eLetter registration confirmation will be sent to your MyNAIT Student Portal account within 24 to 48 hours.

*This is a guide and intended for reference only as some student entrance and admissions requirements may vary. If you have questions or concerns at any time during your application to NAIT, we recommend contacting a member of our student services and advising centre.  

Need help registering for training?

If you have questions or need further assistance, please contact NAIT's Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT) office.
For general inquiries, visit the Student Services Centre.

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