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NAIT Assessment Services invigilates assessments for both NAIT students and other non-NAIT students taking online or distance courses from other post-secondary institutions. We also offer our services to external organizations.

Equivalency Tests

If you are missing or need to improve your mark(s) in English, Math, Physics, Chemistry or Biology, you may wish to challenge one or more NAIT equivalency tests.

NAIT equivalency test results are for internal use only and are not recognized by any other institution. Taking an equivalency test does not guarantee acceptance into your program.

Effective July 2019, the cost of the Equivalency Test will be $300.00.

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Admission depends on:

Recognition of Prior Learning

While most Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is done at the course level, it is also possible to use RPL to meet the competitive entrance requirements or to measure related experience for admission to a credit program.

The following programs have established a Recognition of Prior Learning pathway:

  1. Bachelor of Applied Information Systems Technology - Information Systems
  2. Bachelor of Applied Information Systems Technology - Network Management
  3. Culinary Arts
  4. Water & Wastewater Technician
  5. Power Engineering Technology
  6. Forest Technology

Which tests are available?

Placement Tests

Placement testing can help you fulfill the Grade 10 English entrance requirement for admission into Academic Upgrading and can also be used to place you into Academic Upgrading courses for which you cannot prove prerequisites. 

Placement tests are available for Math, English and Chemistry. An English Language Proficiency (ELP) test for ESL students is also available.

Academic Upgrading Placement Test

A placement test can help you fulfill or prove entrance requirements for admission into Academic Upgrading courses.

English Language Proficiency Exam

The English Language Proficiency exam will evaluate your ability to read, write and speak in the English. This exam is required if you apply to a credit program and English is not your first language.


In order to ensure NAIT students are ready to participate in our programs and succeed in the workforce, we must ensure they are comfortable receiving instruction and reading materials in the English language. We use the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) to evaluate our prospective students’ English-language proficiency.

The International English Language Testing System is trusted by post-secondary institutions, governments, private corporations and accreditation bodies around the world.

Learn more about the IELTS exam

External Assessments

External assessments are assessments that are written by test takers at an invigilation site outside of their post-secondary institution location.

In addition to post-secondary exams, NAC is certified to proctor Yardstick Testing and Training Experts, Scantron (Castle Worldwide), Kryterion, PSI, Pearson VUE and Prometric assessments.  We also provide assessment and invigilation services to external organizations that require an invigilator for their test takers.

Please contact for special hourly or group rates for larger groups.

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