Support Your Learner Session

  • May. 03, 2024
  • All-Day
  • X205

Are you a parent, spouse, family member, guardian or friend of a post-secondary student? If so, your support matters! You play a pivotal role in the life of your student and can help contribute to their educational success. Join us for this session tailored for supporters. In this Support Your Learner Session, we will share information about a variety of approaches to take to support your student, along with the services and supports NAIT offers, to help students flourish. Other topics covered include:  

  • the role of a supporter
  • tips to set your learner up for success
  • current trends about post-secondary students
  • NAIT’s learning culture
  • NAIT supports and resources

Attend a 45-minute Support Your Learner Session on the same day your student attends their NAIT Student Orientation. Support Your Learner Sessions will run simultaneously to the student Welcome Program.  

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