Greening NAIT’s Transportation Network

Published on January 31, 2024

Two new Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers are now powering up cars in NAIT’s T Lot. 

Helped by a grant from SouthGrow Regional Initiative, the chargers were installed in November 2023 and have been recharging EVs since their placement. 

“NAIT is committed to sustainability on campus. These chargers mean more people can reliably use EVs for their commute to and from campus, further reducing the overall emissions of our staff and students. We continue to build these initiatives to green our campus. Our thanks to SouthGrow on partnering with NAIT for campus sustainability,” said Eduardo Sosa, NAIT Associate Vice President, Facilities Management and Development. 

The units are Level 2 chargers and use a 240V outlet. Level 2 chargers are 8 times faster than Level 1 chargers. Depending on the vehicle, the average charge time from empty is 3-8 hours.   

NAIT received a $10,000 rebate on the installation of the chargers. Funding for this project was provided by the SouthGrow Regional Initiative (SGRI), in partnership with the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre (MCCAC), and Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), through the Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure Program (ZEVIP). 

SouthGrow is an economic development alliance of 30 south central Alberta communities working together to achieve prosperity. The initiative launched its zero-emissions vehicle infrastructure program to advance accessibility of these stations initially for southern Alberta but later extended to the whole province. 

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