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Continuing Education

CABM108 - Table Saw

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Course Overview

Discover the full potential of working with a table saw. Examine its standard features and safe operation practices. Explore strategies for blade selection; standard cutting techniques; and advanced techniques such as jigs and fixtures for dado cuts, mitres, and dowels. Investigate splitters and guards as safety mechanisms on a table saw. With the skills acquired in this course, you will be able to execute various cutting techniques and apply best practices of safely operating a table saw.

Upcoming Offerings

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Section Start/End Schedule
E01 Oct. 26 - Oct. 27, 2019 Sat, Sun
Hours Delivery Fees
12 hours Day, Weekend $275
Meeting Times:
  • Oct. 26 & 27 - Saturday & Sunday: 9:00 AM - 3:50 PM

GST Applicable. Students are encouraged to bring a lunch to maximize shop time. Personal protective equipment and tools required: CSA approved steel-toed footwear, CSA approved clear safety glasses, hearing safety, no loose clothing, measuring tape (Imperial/Metric), steel ruler and HB Pencil.

*Day delivery ranges between 8 AM - 5 PM.
**Evening delivery ranges between 5 PM - 10 PM.