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CCTA351 - Revit Advanced

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Course Overview

Continue growing your Building Information Modeling (BIM) skills. Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to use Revit to manage architecture, structure, and MEP environments by creating custom templates and component families.

Revit is a robust architectural design and documentation software used by architects, structural engineers, designers, building professionals, and contractors. Graduates of this advanced Revit course will be able to create custom templates with annotation styles, create schedules, including material takeoff schedules with formulas, and set up component and in-place families. You will also be able to set up project phasing, groups and design options, link Autodesk Revit files for multi-discipline coordination, and use worksets.

It is recommended that you complete CCTA350, or have equivalent technical training, drafting knowledge, or practical experience, prior to enrolling in this course.

Note that this course is taught from an architectural perspective. While students will learn how to input Revit Families into their Revit models, the integration of specific MECH/ELEC components will not be addressed.

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