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CCTB311 - Introduction to IT Governance

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The rapid pace of technological change is one of the drivers of the disruption in today's world with 65% of Fortune 500 CEOs and government leaders struggling to keep up. Investments in modern technologies for improved operational efficiencies and competitive advantage continue to spiral. However, industry insights show that a common and critical dilemma confronting businesses and governments operating in this fast moving environment is how to ensure that value is realized from their large-scale investments in Information and Technology and IT-enabled change if they must survive and thrive in this age of uncertainty.

This newly revised course takes a detailed look at the principles, concepts and practice of COBIT 2019 for establishing a tailored enterprise governance solution for I&T so that the overall use of I&T contributes to a superior business performance and that IT services deliver tangible benefits to the business.

Students are guided step-by-step and provided with the practical skills, tools, and concepts to immediately apply to the implementation of a governance transformation project.

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