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CCTG331 - Introduction to FME

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The Feature Manipulation Engine (FME) software is used by new and advanced users alike. It has become an essential data translation and transformation tool in many offices even where other sophisticated GIS software products are used. What makes FME so popular? Take this course to find out; it will introduce you to the wide array of capabilities of the tool. The course takes two real-world scenarios of data translation (from one format to another) and manipulation (changing values) and shows step-by-step how to solve these scenarios. Data in a variety of formats are loaded and re-written to other formats, and data manipulation is demonstrated and discussed. You will manipulate spatial and non-spatial data alike without any of the pesky programming that’s usually required – all thanks to FME. The course finishes with a look at best practices when using FME and the software’s most popular tools.

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