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CITC963 - Planning and Organizing & Decision-Making and Ethics

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Planning and Organizing
Planning and organizing are essential skills for leaders at all levels. A leader often has simultaneous commitments and deadlines, all requiring a high degree of attention, An effective leader plans and organizes tasks and projects, provides clear direction for employees, and achieves the business objectives with efficiency. In contrast, leaders who demonstrate disorganization and poor planning leave employees feeling confused and frustrated.
This module provides participants with information on the benefits and challenges of planning and organizing, including practical tips and tools. This session includes relevant models, combined with interactive group discussions, as well as practical exercises and the opportunity to apply newly acquired skills and knowledge to situations and projects.

Decision-Making and Ethics
Successful leadership requires the ability to make effective decisions that are also ethically sound. Without sound decisions in alignment with organizational objectives, it becomes very difficult to operate effectively as a leader. However, decisions are often not easy to make as competing demands and ambiguities make effective decision-making a challenging process.
This module will provide participants with a greater understanding of effective approaches and the skills required for effective decision-making within a well-defined ethical context. Participants will develop an understanding of the psychology of decision-making, including the impact of personal biases and the stakes connected to making decisions. They will also explore how decision-making is a highly emotive activity.
This session will include relevant theory combined with interactive group discussions as well as practical exercises and activities in which participants will apply the decision-making tools and frameworks discussed.

Total: 7 hours

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