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CITC966 - Enhancing Your Team Leadership & Coaching for High Performance 2

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Enhancing Your Team Leadership
Discover how exceptional leaders model an achievement orientation and optimize team performance. Discuss how a workplace culture of shared responsibility sets the stage for open communication, shared standards and goals, and courageous decision-making.
Help your team members recognize teamwork as an opportunity rather than a task. Skills gained in this course will allow you to lead your team through the uncertainty, fear, and conflict that often compromise creative, collaborative achievement of team goals.

Coaching for High Performance 2
Discover how exceptional leaders facilitate the employee development required to meet the changing demands of today’s workplace. Complete a coaching skills self-assessment to identify your areas of strength and discuss how these strengths can be leveraged to support areas for improvement.
With the skills gained in this course, you will be able to purposefully coach employees to set and attain stretch goals and align their work practices with organizational values and goals.

Total: 7 hours

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