Continuing Education

CMCP104 - Introduction to Competence Based training programs

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Course Overview

This final module is to guide participants in how a basic employee training program based on competence profiles should be organized.

The people involved in building the competence standards at any organization may or may not be subject matter experts and must work with others to draw out information and then analyze and interpret that information.

After we analyze the requirements for specific positions within our organizations, we can start to shift toward designing a program. We will explore what a good training program looks like and types of activities we need and what type of training would be best suited.

Participants will be building on what was developed in the previous classes.

Outcome: Identify components of a good training program.

Upon completion of this module, the participant should be able to:
1. Define training as it relates to the workplace;
2. Explain what employees need in order to learn effectively;
3. Determine what training is necessary;
4. Identify a basic instructional design model; and
5. Create a basic program outline.

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