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CPRS252 - Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support Experienced Provider

Pre-Requisites: CPRS100 and CPRS200

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Course Overview

Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support for Experienced Providers (ACLS EP) is a NEW ACLS renewal course designed primarily for seasoned healthcare professionals. Ideal for providers who need to renew their ACLS requirements and manage complex cardiovascular, respiratory, and other emergencies. The skills obtained in this course will allow you to develop a systematic approach to patient care, critical thinking skills, and critical decision-making skills.


  • A current Heart & Stroke BLS course completion card (taken within 12 months and current to the most recent Guidelines)
  • A current Heart & Stroke ACLS course completion card (taken within the last 24 months and current to the most recent Guidelines)
  • All ACLS EP students must successfully complete the online ACLS EP Entrance Exam with a minimum score of 84%, and provide a copy of the exam results to the Course coordinator at the beginning of the course.

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