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CPRS550 - Standard First Aid Instructor Course

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Course Overview

Prepare to teach Heart & Stroke Standard First Aid by exploring the fundamentals of instruction, discipline specific skills and by practicing teaching. Within six months of successful completion of this course and prior to receiving instructor status, you must monitor a full provider course while supervised by an Instructor Trainer or Experienced Instructor.

Prerequisites: CPRS500 Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada – Standard First Aid and CPR/AED Level C, and proof that you have completed the separately offered Heart and Stroke Core Instructor Course (CPRS140) is mandatory for CPRS550. CPRS140 will be available the day before CPRS550. Failure to provide proof of both prerequisites one week prior to the course will result in an automatic withdraw of CPRS550.

If you have previously completed the Core Instructor Course, you will not be required to attend CPRS140 again; however, you must submit your certificate of completion to

The Heart & Stroke First Aid Instructor Manual is required for the Standard First Aid CPR/AED Level C Instructor course. If you do not have this manual, it can be purchased through Shop@NAIT.

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