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EMRE101 - Emergency Medical Responder Foundations

Co-Requisites: EMRE201, EMRE401

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Course Overview

Students will learn correct medical terminology and understand relevant, related industry terms. Jargon specific lexicon, including basic word structure, suffixes, prefixes and combined forms of medical terms, will be intensively studied for the duration of the course. Also students will complete an Health and Safety orientation course. The student will be able to describe their (the worker's) role and obligations under Alberta’s Occupational Health and Safety Act. Also students will cover the role of legislation that govern the practice of paramedicine. This includes the regulatory framework, scope of practice, ethics, consent, patient rights, confidentiality and areas of liability for paramedics. Crime scene management, legal and ethical requirements within the profession are covered. Statues and legislation including the Health Professions act, registration and practice permits requirements, protected provisions for EMR, PCP, ACP and paramedic will be discussed.

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