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FDRO200 - On the Job Learning - Lv II

Pre-Requisite: FDRO100

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Course Overview

Operating a foundation drill rig involves numerous skills. As a foundation drill rig operator not only do you have to know how to install and operate the drill rig, you also need to incorporate rigging, safety, and maintenance practices to ensure a safe and productive worksite. As well, a successful foundation drill rig operator must be able to demonstrate leadership skills and be able to communicate effectively with stakeholders, co-workers, and supervisors.

Working directly under the supervision of a qualified mentor, at the end of this second and final practicum, you will build on the theory and practical skills learned in prior courses and the first practicum. You will be able to demonstrate the higher-level skills needed to safely and efficiently install, operate, and manage a foundation drill rig project. Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to determine the most effective drilling application. install drill shafts, and lead the piling team through projects from start-up to completion. Successful completion of this course will also demonstrate operation of various foundation drill rigs in a safe and productive manner, and analyze and implement proper rigging required for piling procedures.

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