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ITLS101 - ITLS Basic Provider Recertification

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Course Overview

Get recertification for your ITLS Basic Provider certificate prior to the 3-year expiration date. Refresh your lifesaving skills for rapid patient assessment, resuscitation, and stabilization.

Revisit the lifesaving steps involved in rapid trauma patient assessment, management, and basic airway management. The skills you will review will enable you to practice other essential lifesaving measures including spinal motion restriction, rapid extrication, helmet management, log roll, and long backboard/scoop stretcher utilization.

Prerequisite: Current ITLS Basic Provider

The International Trauma Life Support for Emergency Care Providers: Current Edition textbook is required for the ITLS Basic Provider Recertification course prior to the course start date. If you currently do not have this textbook, you can purchase it at Shop at NAIT.

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