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MILW118 - Turbines, Pumps and Seals

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Course Overview

Pumps utilize mechanical action to move fluids. Students of this introductory course will be able to demonstrate the application of turbines, pumps, and seals used throughout industry.

Through a combination of theory and practical activities in the shop, successful completion of this course will provide the skills to describe and demonstrate the principles used in steam turbines, positive displacement pumps, and dynamic pumps. In addition, students of the course will be cover the fundamental theory of sealing pump components using packing, mechanical seals, and gaskets.

Additionally, students will be able to describe the operation, inspection and maintenance of steam turbine components, and describe dynamic pump terminology, principles and systems components. Students will also be able to describe positive displacement pump principles and applications, and the principles to components of mechanical seals and compression packing.

Prerequisite: MILW116

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