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NDTC620 - Radiography Inspection Level II

Prerequisites: NDTC200, NDTC610
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Course Overview

Gain further exposure, advanced theory and practical applications into Radiography Inspection. Identify the internal structures and integrity of specimens, use radiation equipment, radiographic techniques and principles, film processing, and the production of X-rays and gamma rays to lead the inspection to ensure safety and quality within various industries. Through inspection and testing, your findings and reporting may lead to increased production or extending the life of equipment and system components. Increase your skills and knowledge in Radiography Inspection and get one step closer to your Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) Level II Certification.

RT Level I and with the skills and information gained in this course, you will meet the training requirements for Level II Canadian General Standards Board (CGSB) Standard 48.9712-2014 for certification of NDT personnel in Radiographic Testing (RT).

You are responsible to ensure you meet all requirements to gain CGSB NDT certification. Eligibility for certification is well-defined by Natural Resources Canada (NRCAN) at their website.

Students should be aware that to become certified to Level II CGSB RT, NRCAN requires, (in addition to classroom training):
i) relevant work experience
ii) code of conduct form
iii) proof of vision to qualify for NDE certification
iv) successful completion of an Authorized Examination Center (AEC) supervised Practical exam and two Theoretical exams.


1) Math (MATE555 or NDTC200) Effective October 2, 2017, prior to taking any NDT training courses all students will be required to either successfully complete the NAIT math skills test or provide evidence acceptable to NAIT that you have successfully passed a math examination administered by an NDTCB Recognized Training Organization (RTO)

2) Materials and Processes (MATE650 or NDTC100): 32-hour course (including a completion examination) in Materials and Processes. Applicants must pass the Materials and Processes examination (70% passing grade) before taking training courses in non-destructive testing (NDT) methods. The examination must be invigilated in person. The Recognized Training Organization (RTO) must provide the grade obtained to the NRCan Non-Destructive Testing Certification Board (NDTCB) as part of a candidate’s application for certification.

3) Radiography Inspection Level 1 (MATE710 or NDTC610)

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