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PLCC146 - Introduction to Function Block Diagrams, Sequential Function Charts (SFC) and Data Communications

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Course Overview

This course uses all four IEC 61131-3 languages to program Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). With the skills gained in this course, you will create synergy between PLCs and remote components. Leave with hands-on experience writing your own programs and the ability to relate your work to real-world applications and devices.

You will gain and apply your knowledge of several programming languages such as Structured Text, Function Block Diagrams, Sequential Function Charts and Ladder Diagram and Sequential Function Charts using an Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC.

Note 1: This course encompasses the content of PLCC104, PLCC105 and106. Individuals who successfully demonstrate the competencies from PLCC104 and PLCC105 will receive the PLC Advanced Programming microcredential.

Note 2: Participants successfully demonstrating the competencies of PLCC113 and PLCC146 will receive a Certificate of Achievement from NAIT.

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