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TRAM301 - Application of Transfusion Medicine Techniques

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Course Overview

The correct application of transfusion medicine techniques and accurate performance of serologic and non-serologic procedures enhance the safety of blood transfusion and can ultimately save a patient’s life. This is a hands-on course during which you will apply the concepts that you have learned in TRAM101 and TRAM201 in a rural medical laboratory setting. You will learn how to perform, read, and interpret serological tests, including ABO and Rh testing, antibody screens, and the direct antiglobulin test. You will interpret pretransfusion test results to select, prepare, and issue blood components and products. You will learn how to investigate transfusion reactions and screen for hemolytic disease of the fetus and newborn. You will also learn how to perform quality assurance and maintenance procedures for testing and equipment in a transfusion medicine laboratory. This course will be offered in a blended format, with theoretical content delivered online (35 hours) and face to face activities taking place at a medical laboratory with transfusion medicine testing capabilities (120 hours).

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