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WELD227 - First Class Journeyman to "B" Pressure

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Course Overview

Welders must be certified by the Alberta Boilers Safety Association (ABSA) in order to weld pressure equipment in Alberta. To obtain B Pressure certification, students must pass the performance qualification practical test conducted by ABSA.

This course is designed to prepare First Class Journeymen welders with the skills needed to challenge the Grade “B” Pressure Welder Certificate of Competency Examination pursuant to the Alberta Safety Codes Act, Pressure Welders Regulation.

To enroll in this course students must hold an Alberta Journeyman Welder Certificate of Competency, a Journeyman Welder Interprovincial Red Seal Certificate of Competency from another jurisdiction, or hold an Alberta Journeyman Welder Equivalent Document issued by Alberta Career Development and Employment. Students need to provide their own Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Please note that this is a condensed 40-hour course designed to help experienced students go through training at a fast pace. Testing will be offered on the last day of class through WELD228.

Upon completion of this course students can choose to complete the on-site “B” Pressure test at NAIT with an ABSA inspector by enrolling in WELD228 B Pressure Welding Exam. The WELD228 Exam is available only for students who are enrolled in the WELD227 course and is scheduled within the final week of the WELD227 course.

For testing purposes, there will be an option to use either 60-10 “SMAW” Root or GTAW “TIG” Root.

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