Liliana Tang

Published on February 27, 2024

Meet Liliana Tang, a tech visionary with a Master's in Information Systems from Athabasca University and a Bachelor's from MacEwan University. Certified as a Project Management Professional, Liliana seamlessly merges technical expertise with strategic project management, propelling businesses into the future.

Liliana's mission is clear: empower businesses through data, AI, and automation. Her unique focus on democratizing happiness, which means freeing individuals from mundane tasks and allowing them to concentrate on what truly matters.

Beyond the boardroom, Liliana immerses herself in literature and martial arts, embodying discipline and resilience. In her downtime, she passionately explores ways to automate everyday tasks, turning chores into opportunities for innovation.

Liliana Tang isn't just a professional; she's a catalyst for change, leading with purpose to redefine the boundaries of what's possible. Join her on the journey to a brighter, more efficient future, where technology and humanity converge for unprecedented possibilities.

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