Paul Gil, PMP, CSM

Published on November 28, 2019

Paul is a veteran project manager who leads systems implementations for a large Canadian IT consultancy. He is a certified PM Professional, certified scrum master, web specialist, and agile development practitioner. Paul's passion is kaizen innovation and helping organizations with their digital transformations.

Paul is both a University of Alberta and a NAIT alumnus, and he brings a rich background of project experience. Over the last 25 years, he has helmed several complex projects in different sectors, including the private sector, government, law enforcement, and medical fields. Paul also possesses a formal inter-disciplinary background in technology, business, and organizational dynamics. His knowledge includes web and client-server technologies, multiple delivery methodologies, risk management, developmental psychology, group facilitation, organizational change management, and technical writing.

Outside of work, Paul is a family man, voracious reader, and community volunteer. He prefers pie over cake, IRL over social media, and 'excellent' over 'perfect'.

"I look forward to helping students with their IT project journeys ahead. It's an exciting field that requires both structured and fluid thinking. The new PMIT 'Living and Geometric Order' curriculum is an excellent foundational mindset, and I'm confident that PMIT participants will get excellent value from this program."

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