Student Stories

Every year, NAIT sends thousands of students-turned-grads into industries of all kinds. They come from studying health care, trades, business and applied science and technology. About 90% of them are employed within nine months of finishing.

Each of those students has a unique story: distinct reasons for choosing their program, for approaching it the way they did, and for the path they take once they have their parchments in hand.

In 2023, we looked at four of those stories. They speak to the impact the polytechnic has on learners. Mostly, though, they introduce us to individuals who strive for excellence, overcome challenges and are poised to make a difference in their communities.

NAIT Class of ’23: How Carlos Rojas traded life in Chile for a new start in Canada

Former mechanical engineer excited for a career in welding

NAIT Class of ’23: School trip to Peru opens business student’s eyes to new possibilities

International development project has grad considering life as “digital nomad”

NAIT Class of ’23: What compels a person to become a paramedic?

Grads share an insider’s view of an essential – and demanding – health-care profession

NAIT Class of ’23: Focus on the little things makes a big difference for grad’s future

Curious and driven, Aldo Fumagalli goes from student to staffer

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