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Business Intelligence & Data Engineering

Winter 2024 | Fall 2024 | Winter 2025

Business Intelligence (BI) helps enterprises succeed in today's competitive environment; however, implementing BI solutions is a complex endeavor. This program will explore how BI projects are unique, their impact on business and what decision-makers need to consider prior to implementation. International students will investigate the challenges related to people, processes, managing large amounts of data and learning how to overcome them. They will also become familiar with big data utilization and cloud technologies. As they progress through the program, data engineers will teach solutions to solve problems using data and share information about the skills required to design data products that make a positive impact and drive change.

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Quick Facts

Credential: Certificate Achievement

An approved non-credit program that has a formal summative assessment component, has mappped program or course outcomes, and is subject to a regular quality curriculum review process.

Campus: Main

Any in-person components of your courses will be delivered at NAIT's Main Campus in Edmonton. View map

Delivery Modes:

    Delivery Times:

      Business Intelligence and Data Engineering

      • Length: 12 months full-time*

      • International Tuition Fee: $18,000 CAD

        • Term 1: $6,000

        • Term 2: $6,000

        • Term 3: $6,000

      • Start Term: Winter (January) 2024 and Fall (September) 2024

      • This is a non-credit certificate that meets requirements for the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program (PGWP). Students must also meet individual requirements.  

      • International students are eligible to apply for a study permit for this program 

      *Full-time for Continuing Education programs is a minimum of 135 instructional hours/term. 

      Hands-on, industry-relevant skills

      As students progress through the program, data engineers will teach solutions to solve problems using data and share information about the skills required to design data products that make a positive impact and drive change.  

      Learning outcomes for this program include: 

      • Learn how to design and build robust solutions that respond to an increasing demand from organizations for insightful and actionable information to support faster decision-making. 
      • Examine how analytics can leverage information to provide decision-makers with hindsight, insight and foresight for process optimization. 
      • Explore business intelligence strategies that will improve overall performance of the organization. 
      • Access premium industry-standard platforms and tools to carry out hands-on exercises. 
      • Apply the fundamentals of big data architecture. 
      • Transfer enterprise data to cloud-hosted environments. 
      • Master computer programming skills that are essential to create data engineering products. 
      • Refining data that can be used to provide decision-makers with actionable information. 
      • Prepare data for presentation of business and analytical insights. 


      Dates and Deadlines

      Applications can be submitted any time before the application deadline, but we recommend submitting your application at least 90 days before the application deadline. 

      Winter 2024

      • Applications open: NOW!  

      • Application deadline: December 5, 2023

      • Term start date: January 8, 2024

      Fall 2024

      • Applications open: NOW!
      • Application deadline: August 1, 2024
      • Term start date: September 1, 2024

      Program Availability

      Program availability is now OPEN! 

      The status is updated as applications are reviewed and assessed. Program availability is subject to change without notice.  

      Academic requirements

      Successful completion of one of the following in an Information Technology-; Computer Science- or Computer Engineering-; Database Administration- or Database Management-; or Statistics- related field:

      • 1-year post-secondary certificate (achieved inside Canada only) 

      • 2-year post-secondary diploma 

      • 4-year post-secondary degree 

      When applying, applicants will need to scan clear copies of: 

      • official transcripts and certificate/diploma/degree from post-secondary education. 

        • If documents are in a language other than English, they must be officially translated. View this list of certified translators in Canada.  


      • An official WES or IQAS credential assessment showing successful completion of a Diploma or Degree. 

      English Language Requirements

      If you are from an exempted country or studied in one, you will not be asked to provide proof of English language proficiency.  

      Otherwise, you are required to provide proof of English language proficiency. Please note, many language exams expire 2 years after the testing date. To be accepted by this program, your test cannot expire before Term 1 begins. If it does, you will need to submit a new test before you can be admitted. The following are acceptable as proof of English language proficiency:  

      • IELTS (Academic Format) - minimum of 6.5 

        • 6.5 in the speaking component 

        • 6.0 in the reading component 

        • 6.0 in the listening component 

        • 6.0 in the writing component 

      • Pearson Tests of English Academic - minimum overall score of 58

      • TOEFL Internet Based or TOEFL Special Home Edition test - minimum of 83, with no individual component below 20, and the writing component no less than 23 

        • 20 in the speaking component 

        • 20 in the reading component 

        • 20 in the listening component 

        • 23 in the writing component 

      • NAIT's Level 6 Courses NEAP611, NEAP621 and NEAP631 

        • Successful completion of all 3 courses with 60% or higher in each course 

      • NAIT English Language Proficiency Exam - minimum of 75% or higher in each of the four components (speaking, listening, reading, writing) 

      • Canadian Language Benchmarks Assessment (CLB) - minimum of 8 in each component (speaking, listening, reading, writing) 

      • Duolingo English Test - minimum overall score of 115, with no band limits  

      • International Language Academy of Canada (ILAC) 

      • Global Village - minimum of 80% in Level 7 or higher

      • Successful completion of Pathway 3.2 with a mark of 75% or higher 

      Tuition and Fees


      All fees are in CDN 

      Application Fee 


      Tuition Fee 

      $18,000 CAD  

      • Term 1: $6,000 CAD  

      • Term 2: $6,000 CAD  

      • Term 3: $6,000 CAD 

      Acceptance Letter  

      Full term fee is required to receive an acceptance letter. Term fees are inclusive of tuition and are refundable, minus a $250 CAD administrative fee.   

      Tuition Fee Deadlines  

      • Term 1: Within 30 days of being accepted into the program   

      • Term 2: April 1, 2024 (30 days before Term 2 begins)

      • Term 3: August 1, 2024 (30 days before Term 3 begins)

      General Tuition Policies 

      As you navigate your program, it’s important to be aware of the following policies:  

      • A payment will be applied against any outstanding balance from a previous term before being applied to current or future tuition and term fees. 

      • Students are responsible for all fees charged to your student account. If you add or drop courses after you have paid your fees, your account balance may change. 

      • Ensure any outstanding balance is paid by the deadline to avoid monthly interest charges. 

      • You must meet payment deadlines even if you have applied for student loans, scholarships, bursaries, or sponsorship. 

      • Deadlines are strictly enforced.  

      • Late enrolments will require quick payments, sometimes within 24 hours, and must be paid for before classes start.  

      Payment options 

      NAIT accepts multiple forms of payment options which can be found on NAIT’s Payment Options page. Please note, the Continuing Education Students tabs do NOT apply to Leadership and Project Management for IT students. You can ignore the information found on those tabs. 

      Optional Fees 

      These fees are not mandatory, and students can decide if they want these services or not. 

      ETS TRANSIT PASS: $100/month 

      • You can purchase this from NAIT’s bookstore or elsewhere upon arrival into Edmonton 

      Recreation Fees: $130.27/term 

      • Find out what the recreation fee provides here 

      • This can be purchased at NAIT’s one AT NAIT Card office or at the main desk of the Fitness Centre.  

      • Please note, this can be purchased only after activating your one AT NAIT card! For more, see here.  

      International supports at NAIT

      NAIT provides many supports and services for international students! Home to hundreds of international students, NAIT is committed to providing a safe, welcoming, and supportive space for all students. When you’re a student at NAIT, there are many international services and resources you can access.

      International and Intercultural Community Centre 

      NAIT’s International and Intercultural Community Centre (IICC) is NAIT’s hub for international and intercultural community-building, capacity development, outreach and connection. At the IICC, students can access:  

      Photo of international students posing in front of a NAIT mural

      NAIT’s IICC team actively meets with current NAIT students to support and celebrate their learning journey! 

      Immigration & Visa Information is an excellent international and immigration resource for prospective and current international NAIT students. Information that can be found here includes:  

      Visit to begin your immigration research! 

      Pre-departure and Arrival information 

      Have you been accepted to NAIT and are planning to travel to Edmonton, Alberta? If so, NAIT offers many helpful resources and information for this exciting journey. Find information about:  

      We are here to support your journey to Edmonton, Alberta!

      Recruitment Events 

      Are you interested in joining NAIT? We offer many events, information sessions and tours through our International Recruitment team. 

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      Delivery Methods

      • Face to Face: Where: In-person meetings. When: Course is scheduled at a specific time for students to attend. Face-to-face instruction at all class meetings. Location may be on campus or at a worksite.
      • Blended: Where: Mixture of in-person & online components. When: Course is scheduled at a specific time for students to attend. Combination of face-to-face and online components at specific times. Some online components may be accessed online anytime.
      • Hyflex: Where: Choice to attend in-person or online meetings. When: Course is scheduled at a specific time for students to attend. For each class, students choose to attend in-person with the instructor or online at a specific time.
      • Remote Live Delivery: Where: Online with instructor. When: Course is scheduled at a specific time for students to attend. Instruction is delivered at set times online. Students do not come to campus.
      • Remote On-Demand Delivery: Where: Online anytime. When: No set class meetings. Coursework is accessed on-demand and online. While there are no set class meetings, there may be set due dates and deadlines for some activities. Students may interact with peers through virtual tools.
      • Remote Independent: Where: Online anytime. When: No set class meetings. Coursework is accessed on-demand and online, with no instructor support. While students choose when to do coursework, there may be set due dates and deadlines. 
      • Work Placement: Where: In-person meetings. When: Work is scheduled at a specific time for students to attend. Onsite work integrated learning. Location at a worksite.
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