Health Care

Your health is important to your success as a student. Fortunately, as an international student, you have many great options for health and dental care in Alberta. Learn more about the coverage you are eligible for.

Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan

Government health care insurance in Alberta is free! It is critical that you apply for insurance when you arrive as hospital costs can be extremely high.

NAITSA Health and Dental - Extended Insurance Coverage

All students who are enrolled in a credit program (degree, diploma or certificate) will automatically receive extended insurance coverage, which is included in your NAIT fees. We provide health and dental coverage to thousands of students each year, and it’s our duty to assist you in completing all proper documentation. 

If you have questions about this process, feel free to send us an email at

Students who do not qualify for extended insurance are:

  • Students who are enrolled in the English as a Second Language program
  • Students who are enrolled in auditing or apprenticeship programs

Students who are not eligible for the NAITSA Health and Dental plan are encouraged to purchase adequate private insurance to pay for things that government plans do not fully cover. To learn more about getting settled in Canada, you can meet with a NAIT Academic Advisor.

For detailed information regarding the health and dental plan check out the NAITSA website
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