Laura Lynn Johnston

Visual Design Certificate with Distinction, 2012

Laura Lynn Johnston

"I have always been at my happiest when I'm creating," says Laura Lynn.

"I never wanted my days to be monotonous or be limited to pursue one static career. I never wanted to be told that I can't do something. I'm a person of many interests with a lifelong goal of self-development. I actively seek new skills and continuous learning. My solution was to fuse all of my talents and hobbies into a hybrid business that is as unique as I am. I created my firm, Theory Design, with the desire to provide my clientele with a mix of both products and services, a melding of all of my diverse expertise into one unified concept. I wanted to be able to demonstrate that, in theory, anything is possible. None of this could have happened if my journey didn't start at NAIT.

Already a graduate of NAIT's Culinary Arts program and the University of Alberta's Residential Interiors program, I wanted to take my passion for graphic design and be better equipped to market myself, my clients and my products. I was attracted to NAIT's Visual Design program. Its graduates leave with solid portfolios and the applied software skills they need to be competitive in the field of graphic design. The principles taught there can be applied to any type of design.

NAIT's design courses didn't just change the way I saw ads, they changed the way I painted, the way I built new products and the way I communicated.

Studying design at NAIT met both my needs: educational quality, which I knew from my time in Culinary Arts, and schedule flexibility. I could keep my full-time job while I worked towards my certification.

I have nothing but the highest respect for my instructors at NAIT. They continually challenged me to become both a better chef and a better designer. Their mentoring pushed me to continue refining my skills and to never be satisfied with 'good enough'. These habits have remained a daily part of my professional life. I continue to look for ways to improve my own work, while also sharing what I've learned with younger, aspiring artists and designers."

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