Centre for Applied Disaster and Emergency Management

Building Resiliency

Resilient communities and organizations are built through collaboration in training and professional development settings before a disaster happens.

NAIT's Centre for Applied Disaster and Emergency Management (CADEM) advances the disaster and emergency management profession through hands-on training, professional development in a collaborative environment, and innovative solutions that reflect current global best practices.

2020 Emergency Management Stakeholder Summit - February 19 & 20, 2019

The Government of Alberta and NAIT’s Centre for Applied Disaster and Emergency Management (CADEM) are proud to host the 2020 Emergency Management Stakeholder Summit at NAIT’s Productivity and Innovation Centre.  

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Centre Objectives

Build Resilience through Collaboration
Enhance whole-of-society collaboration and governance to strengthen resilience

Understand Disaster Risks
Improve disaster risk understanding and awareness to inform decision making

Improve Disaster Prevention and Mitigation
Increase and enhance whole-of-society disaster prevention and mitigation activities to reduce the impacts of disaster events

Improve Disaster Preparedness
Enhance preparedness activities to allow for a better response, increased capacity, and improved coordination

Promote Global Best Practices
Leverage global best practices and lessons learned to foster innovative approaches to enhancing resilience

Our Expertise

Education & Training

Bringing emergency management, business continuity, and resiliency professionals from all sectors together in an engaging learning environment

Tracy Blaine

Innovation Services

Supporting emergency management and resiliency program planning, implementation, evaluation and reporting

Josh Bowen

Professional Best Practices

Identifying and promoting global best practices through public and industry engagement activities


Kristen Deuzeman


Industry Partnerships

Through education, knowledge transfer and outreach, CADEM continues to work closely with key Emergency Management stakeholders to grow the Centre and its mandate. CADEM's Advisory Council ensures all programming adheres to relevant regulations, standards, and protocols, and reflects the needs of industry, government, and professional bodies to improve individual, organizational, and community resilience.


Simulation Lab - Coming Fall 2019 

CADEM's cornerstone is an Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) Simulation Lab, tailor-built to provide an immersive learning environment that enables users to model scenarios, refine processes, collaborate, and enhance their ability to mitigate, prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from emergency and disaster events. The Simulation Lab can be used for training, plan development, and as an alternate EOC should our partners require a hot-site to support continuity of operations.