NAIT and Rogers Communications deliver 5G-enabled testing grounds for innovators

Published on October 05, 2023

NAIT and Rogers Communications Inc (Rogers) are excited to partner on two fully operational 5G-enabled test environments designed to fuel innovation of 5G-enabled technologies.

The first of two 5G networks is NAIT’s Productivity and Innovation Centre, which provides a 5G-enabled test environment for industry partners to develop and test 5G applications and technologies before bringing them to the market. The second is a portable test environment that provides a stable connection to a 5G network anywhere.

Both test environments allow for testing and validating of different industrial applications and can help enable everything from advanced manufacturing and autonomous vehicles to remote surgeries and fully immersive augmented and virtual reality for the gaming and digital media industries. The 5G infrastructure, provided by Rogers Communications, includes Nokia’s Digital Automation Cloud – a high-performance, private wireless network.

The networks are stand-alone, meaning that they rely solely on 5G radio access and core networks without any dependency on 4G LTE infrastructure, which has limitations on signaling and data transmission of 5G-enabled technology.

The 5G networks also provide an opportunity for NAIT to develop training courses for decision makers across all industry sectors who are impacted by the rollout of 5G technology, and for technical personnel responsible for 5G network deployment and maintenance. NAIT students also have opportunities to explore a 5G network in a working environment.

Currently, NAIT is offering online, self-paced courses for anyone interested in learning more about this technology. A 5G fundamentals course is now available, with five more courses exploring the technical aspects of 5G networking to be available through NAIT’s Corporate and Continuing Education later this year.

The federal government and Government of Alberta have supported the installation of Rogers’ state-of-the-art 5G networks and delivery of services by providing a combined $3.8 million in funding.


  • The Canada Foundation for Innovation provided $1 million to NAIT through the Innovation Fund.
  • The Government of Alberta matched federal funding of $1 million through the Research Capacity Program.
  • Prairies Economic Development Canada also awarded NAIT more than $1.3 million.
  • The Government of Alberta has also allocated $500,000 from Go Productivity to NAIT’s 5G project.
  • Rogers Communications provided the Nokia infrastructure and five years of technical support.
  • 5G is the next generation of cellular network technology that is revolutionizing how Canadian businesses manufacture products and provide services which will support innovations such as smart cities that use data to increase efficiencies and sustainability.
  • 5G will help boost Alberta’s and Canada’s economies. The Information and Communications Technology Council, a national centre of expertise for the digital economy, estimates 5G will have an impact of up to $26 billion on the Canadian economy, creating up to 82,000 jobs by 2030.


“At NAIT, students and industry partners arrive with the promise of access to the most innovative technology to empower their educational goals and business strategies. With the generous support from Rogers Communications and the provincial and federal government, the 5G hub at NAIT enhances our polytechnic capacity to equip students and industry for the digital economy. We take pride in offering them a dedicated space for experimentation and training the next generation of cellular network technology. On behalf of NAIT, thank you to our funders and donors, each of you have played a pivotal role in achieving this vision.” – Laura Jo Gunter, NAIT President & CEO

“As 5G networks roll out across the country, Alberta's tech sector is developing exciting new technologies designed to leverage the power of these stronger networks. Alberta's government is proud to invest in NAIT's 5G Hub to help commercialize these 5G-enabled technologies, create more local tech companies and jobs, and attract more investment.” – Hon. Nate Glubish, Minister of Technology and Innovation, Government of Alberta

“The 5G hub at NAIT’s Productivity and Innovation Centre allows our polytechnic to better serve industry partners through adoption and testing of emerging technologies. Businesses are advancing technologies to automate their processes, reduce environmental impact, improve efficiency and integrate into digital ecosystems and supply chains. By working with our partners on this advanced communication platform, we’re helping them prepare for the next generation of industry” - Ryan Leskiw, Director of Business Development, NAIT Applied Research

"Rogers is committed to empowering Canadian business and the next generation of developers to shape the future of 5G. As Canada’s largest and most reliable 5G network provider, we’re proud to be a partner and provide a space for NAIT students and industry to advance research and drive innovation in 5G-enabled technologies on our network.” - Hon. Navdeep Bains, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Rogers.



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