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CCTB662 - Data Governance

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Course Overview

High-quality information is the key to the successful management of businesses. Upon completion of this course you will be able to describe the role of data governance to establish quality data as an organizational asset.

Despite the large quantity of data that is collected by organizations, managers often struggle to obtain information that helps them make the right on-time decisions based on trusted data. Both data availability and data integrity are keys to ensure that business decisions are based on reliable information and an organization is well-positioned to drive strategical and tactical planning with confidence. Graduates of this course will be able to describe data governance disciplines both from a business and IT point of view, and illustrate how this emerging set of organizational policies, procedures, and roles supports the management of information assets.

You will also be able to describe data governance drivers, list data governance implementation, identify people, processes, and required technology, and describe data governance roles. This course is recommended for anyone interested in data governance including those who work in Information Systems (IS) or Operational Management.

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