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CCTB664 - Analyzing and Managing BI Projects

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This course is designed to gain insights on two important aspects of delivering and managing BI projects a) analyzing requirements and b) managing BI projects. Analyzing Business Intelligence (BI) project is not as simple as just gathering requirements. It requires analyzing and aligning corporate strategies and BI drivers. It is a complex process of collecting requirements from users, customers, or other stakeholders from data perspective with end goal of best knowledge management. The importance of Requirements Gathering for BI projects is critical, as BI supports a wide range of business decisions, from operational to strategic. Discover how to manage BI projects and what background information is required to lead to the project success. Companies can gain a competitive advantage such as increasing revenue, reducing costs, or reducing risks, by making better data-driven decisions as a result of well-designed BI projects. Explore the unique world of Business Intelligence and BI projects through case studies and by identifying BI Project Management strategies

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