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CCTB666 - Privacy for BI Solutions

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Course Overview

The course lays the basis for further study and decision-making regarding issues of privacy in data collection and aggregation. Emphasis will be on exploring the social, political and business drivers affecting privacy and privacy design in Big Data platforms. The participants will learn about:

  • Basic tenets of privacy, drawn from national constitutions and Bills of Rights
  • The definitions of Secure Private Information, Sensitive Private Information and Person-identifiable data
  • The evolution of privacy laws and legislation throughout the 20th Century and into the 21st. GDPR will be covered in some detail.
  • Examples of privacy breaches and the fallout from privacy disasters
  • Current and pending Canadian and Albertan legislation affecting digital privacy (PIPA, PIPEDA, FOIPP)
  • Current trends in data collection, aggregation, analysis and intuition based on examples drawn from modern social media platforms.

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