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CCTD910 - Project: Digital Publishing

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Course Overview

Digital publishing uses online technology to digitize print material and disseminate it through electronic devices. Upon successful completion of this course you will be able to create and publish professional documents using Adobe products.

Graduates of this course will be able to describe design theory and use Adobe software tools to create documents for print and web delivery. With the skills gained in this course, you will be able to create and publish Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign documents with clear visual communication. You will also be able to create, critique, and defend design concepts that maximize efficiency and production when working in a team environment.

As the final course in the Digital Publishing Certificate, students will apply their skills in vector and raster image manipulation along with their design knowledge to complete an industry-themed project from start to finish. Prior to enrolling in this course, it is recommended that you successfully complete all other NAIT Digital Publishing courses.

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