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CDEM604 - Planning Deliberately

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Completing complex high-risk projects can be laborious, especially in emergencies and crises. Discover how you can mitigate these difficulties by planning deliberately: maximize opportunities, control risk, and guide your colleagues through your plan with specific tasks, duties, contingencies, and timelines. Delve into the core principles of planning methodologies, their functions and how they allow us to develop safe, efficient and innovative plans in the face of emergencies and crisis. By relating the processes and methodologies of planning to our day-to-day life, we will establish a new appreciation for planning that is grounded by situational awareness, facilitation of information, collaboration, task allocation, and leading with intent. During the second day of this course, we will look at several case studies to include the planning process for a deliberate Risk Assessment, planning for Crisis Response, and a practical application that puts your skills to the test.

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