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Continuing Education

PLCC203 - Introduction to Open Platform Communications (OPC)

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Course Overview

This course will focus on Open Platform Communication using Matrikon OPC software, and Rockwell Automation (RSLinx) software. Participants will learn how to establish communication between a PLC and Microsoft Excel spreadsheet using different OPC software.
The communication will be set up using Siemens and Allen Bradley PLCs.

Upon successful completion of this course the participant should be able to:
1. Configure RSLinx OPC software.
2. Operate MatrikonOPC software.
3. Use MatrikonOPC explorer.
4. Access, manage and transfer data from excel spreadsheets and PLCs.
5. Monitor and transfer OPC historical data.
6. Explain Component Object Model (COM) and Distributed COM (DCOM).
7. Demonstrate their knowledge in tunneling.

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E01 Oct. 26 - Oct. 27, 2019 Sat, Sun
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14 hours Day, Weekend $600
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  • Oct. 26 & 27 - Saturday & Sunday: 8:00 AM - 3:50 PM

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