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POWC304 - Power Engineering Third Class Part B - CML

Fourth Class Part A & B
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Course Overview

Prepare for Power Engineering Third Class Part B Certification. Increase industry knowledge involving boiler-related course topics such as boiler control systems and heating and air conditioning. Application of topic focused content will provide opportunity for successful completion of Part B of the 3rd class Power Engineering Certification. The skills obtained in this course will enable you to pursue more senior level employment opportunities, and advance your career as a Power Engineer.

Upon successful completion of both 3rd Class theory courses, students may apply to the Alberta Boiler Safety Association (ABSA) to receive 6 months’ credit toward the work experience required for certification as a 3rd Class Power Engineer.

To take this course you must have successfully completed Power Engineering 4th Class Part A and Part B theory courses. If these were completed at a different institution, then you will need to submit your official transcript for enrolment. It is highly recommended that you have also completed your 4th Class certification with ABSA (or the relevant authority in your jurisdiction), as you will not be able to write 3rd Class certification exams until you are fully certified at the 4th Class level.

Recommended: 50% or better in Grade 10 English, Math and Science.

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